First Monome

Hi everybody,

I’ve been aware of monome since its inception, but I’m only recently interested in it for my own work. I’m using Max 7 and want to play around with a monome. grid is the current model, but do you think I could use a 64 to get my feet wet? I like how compact the 64 is. Are there a lot of applications that rely on the 128 layout? Running two apps side by side is attractive, of course, but I’m not even sure how I feel about running one app, having had no experience with it.

Monome themselves seem to have settled on 128 as the ‘default’-- do you plan to run modules with it, or get yourself into the world of coding for it?

Coding. I’m hoping to stay in Max and maybe extend or reverse engineer existing apps to include Jitter elements. I have a Launchpad, and I suppose I could use it with an emulator to mess around, but something doesn’t sit well with me doing that.

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I thought about a 64 initially, but am really glad I went with a 128. Standard 16 steps for sequencing, and really nice for two handed use. There are even some apps that split the usage down the middle for two 8X8 areas that work together. Like previously mentioned Monome have made the 128 the default and most apps support the 128 size while I’ve seen some that don’t support 64. That being said, if you like the 64 and are mostly interested in developing for it, go right ahead (though make it 128 compatible so a lot of us can use it!).

You almost certainly want variable brightness (varibright) buttons.

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Thanks for the informative replies! I’ll look into getting a new(ish) grid. Gotta sell some old gear first :slight_smile:

i love and hope i never move past an old grayscale 64. if you are wanting to explore with max 64 is plenty.


That’s the thing. For programming and experimentation, a 64 is plenty. I can always scale up if I go anywhere with it.


you can always scale up. i do not miss varibright btw. don’t get me wrong, it is gorgeous and amazing, but if your prime goal is delving into max, brightness will be the least of your issues for a very long time.

all that said, i cannot rec highly enough buying new stuff straight from source as you can’t support a better business.

i just have an attachment to the old black silicone and weight/feel/size as well as how the button action has aged so incredibly (hope they don’t fail).


I just ordered a grid! Magical vistas await …


you’ll love it. just take some time and don’t be in a hurry for the setup part. and then don’t be in a hurry to just explore what others have done as there is a whole lot of incredibly amazing free goldenwonderappz!!!

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Now I’ve got ants in my pants waiting for it to get here!

grid acquired! What amazing build quality! Tis a thing of great beauty.


[quote=“skellogg, post:14, topic:8504”]
What amazing build quality
[/quote]They are exquisite to use, hold and touch

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mlr is my entry point.


If you use ableton with M4L check out re:mix
It is a great update on MLR

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do you have any pics?

I looks … like a monome!

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If you’re covered in silicon buttons you should go get checked out. :laughing: