First Monome


Or hang out with the similarly adorned.


loved the glitches out Aphex and melodic squarpusher-like melodic lines on the first vid…beautiful :sunny:


True! I haven’t met any fellow monomers in Flagstaff yet. If I see a stranger covered in those sweet silicon buttons I will have to approach him/her.


I had a solid day of Max patching, working with cycle~ and other primitives to get the feel for how they work together. I’m on the road this weekend and didn’t bring my new griddy friend, so as to give me more Max time. As fun as all of the applications already created for monome seem, in my heart of hearts I’m interested in doing my own thing. That being said, having a passing familiarity with the various apps will help me understand what people are aready doing with the device.


More power to you. I’m not good at coding or Max (maybe someday) so I really appreciate and need patches that others have created. Luckily there are lots of good ones!


I’ve been working in Max on and off for seven years. I’m finally getting to the point where it’s starting to click. In the past, once the going got tough, I just bailed and went back to my Elektron gear.


With Max apps, I suspect the only way to change the default maximum brightness is to edit where it’s being set, right? 15 is really bright!