First release (steven rogers - I)

Just wanted to take the opportunity to share my first release with you all here. It’s a few low-key ambient tracks made with eurorack, felt instruments VSTs, and cocoquantus. I’ve discovered a wealth of great music(ians) here and I’m glad to be a part of the community!

All sales will be donated to the NAACP LDF and G.L.I.T.S.

Some background & track info:

I got into modular a few years ago, after moving to Brooklyn as a disillusioned recent college graduate with a jazz guitar degree. Modular was a way for me to both use and escape my knowledge, by creating guidelines under which modules could operate but also leaving a lot of those decision up to the modules and to chance. It was a way to still create music that could be immensely satisfying to create, but to not necessarily have to worry about always playing changes and time (not that I don’t still enjoy doing that!).

Anyway, this release came about after all the terrible recent events. I wanted to create something that I could relax to and listen to as background music, that also had some degree of nuance to latch onto in case I wanted to listen intently.

Interestingly enough my favorite tracks here (ii & iii) are the ones I spent the least time on.

ii is an outlier in that it is structured and rhythmic, but also has no real meter. The harmony is very simple & folk inspired, and the chord changes and piano lines are both improvised based solely on feel.

iii is meant to be a sort of extended interlude. It’s Felt Instruments’ Lekko recorded into Cocoquantus, which loops and modulates itself. The cello chords over the top (more Felt Instruments) were also improvised in a single take. The whole track is just sort of a meandering stream of consciousness.

Thanks for listening! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely stuff. Calmed me right down before bed, thanks.

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