First run - osc server error 9913


I recently picked up a 128 walnut grid and a 2-dial walnut arc. I’m trying to get a developer environment setup on a windows pc. I have installed the Apple Bonjour Printer service. The grid is appearing in my device manager list under the Ports (Com &LPT) tab as USB Serial Port (COM3). Serialosc appears to boot without any issues in my local service list. That going said, it doesn’t seem to respond to any socket messages.

After stopping the service and running it in an admin command window, i’m seeing the following:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Monome\serialosc>serialoscd.exe
[!] running in debug mode, hotplugging disabled
serialosc [m0001510]: connected, server running on port 17317
[!] osc server error 9913, “Invalid message path” ((null))

This error is occurring after sending “/serialosc/notify si localhost 12003” to localhost:12002.

Has anyone encountered this before? Should this be an ASCII or Unicode message? Are there any tips for setting breakpoints where the osc server error may be occurring?