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_̩͙̔̉̈͟ ̤͎̙̳̀͛̅̚_̤̬̣̪͚̋̋̂̍͗ ̢̡̬̈́̊͞_̬̹̻̩̟́̃̋͌͠ ̱̎\̙͔͙̲̐͗̃̀\͕͝\\̦̊\̘̹̲̘͂̈͠͞\̢̢͙̖́͒͌̐\̖̀̚͜\̡̅ ̙́f̛̖͓̘̾̂̐͜ĺ̘a͉͙̤̅̏̂s̱̽ḣ̫ c̥̦͒̋̈́͟r̗̜͂̎à̠̜̭͗̾sẖ̬̰̼̑̍̓͠ ̧̢͓̂́͝//̜̈/̍͜/͔̳̱̋̽͂/̦͠/̛̪̠̯̍̌/̣̖̜̏̍̕/̡̮̜͖̌̐̾̓_͖̦͍̊̓̿ ̗̏_̤̠͉͙̈́̿̂̓ ̹̃_̗̖̍̍_̱̭͓̤͂͒͑͠ - Google Sheets

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FLASH CRASH 210605 - YouTube

saturday, june 5 2021 at 12:30 pacific time


flash crash is a celebration of livecoding.

inspired by the global livecoding scene and anchored with the rallying cry “show us your screens!”

following in our tradition of lines community streams, signups are now open. @scanner_darkly, @anxietymachine, and i are organizing with support from @oot and others. more tech details to follow (will probably just do the twitch round robin host thing? open to ideas.) for now:

  1. signup
  2. head over to the lines community discord
  3. get inspired by my favorite artist in the scene, @hellocatfood
  4. start practicing!

more notes:

  • pre-coding templates/scenes is totally ok!
  • outboard gear, modular, vsts, etc. are totally ok!
  • this is envisioned as a performance and not a workshop, so you don’t need to narrate what you’re doing or provide learning resources, etc.

teletype is envisioned to be the star of the show but tidal, hydra, max, orca, supercollider, norns, and any other friends are welcome - just make sure we can see your code while you play!


live coding is extremely intimate, vulnerable, and cerebral. it takes courage. to help normalize the trial-and-error nature of scripting we’re offering two prizes:

prize 1: QUANTITY OVER QUALITY :boom: :boom: :boom: WINNER: Filemaker aka @misuba

sometimes things just don’t go your way… over and over again. to the performer that just can’t catch a break the prize is a RADIO MUSIC module. after a long day of hacking, sometimes you just gotta kick back and listen to some (modulated and processed) music.

define a crash?

teletype doesn’t exactly crash, but “crashes” for the prize include, but are not limited to:

  • any time you get the teletype UNKNOWN WORD message
  • complete system failures requiring power cycles
  • infinite loops
  • feedback glitches
  • obvious patch misfires
  • sudden audio dropouts
  • camera failures
  • syntax errors
  • cat ambushes
  • random friends popping by to sleep on your couch…

prize 2: …I MEANT TO DO THAT :scream: :man_shrugging: :mechanical_arm: WINNER: @attowatt

sometimes things just don’t go your way… until they do! to the performer that discovers the most insanely ill patch/script/movement/technique the prize is a copy of the book FLASH CRASH (i haven’t read it but it looks cool). in 2010 a thing happened. this book is about that.


This is awesome. I’m too scared to show my screen but looking forward to this a lot!!!

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so excited for this, i love using teletype this way! slightly embarrassing to have smart people who actually know how to code watch me fumble around with teletype :sweat_smile: but maybe it’ll show the teletype-curious how easy it can be — when even simpleton’s like myself can jam :partying_face: so can u.


Would a prerecorded video be against the spirit of the event?

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that’s the fun. we all are.

it isn’t as translatable as you may think. of the percentage of my brain filled with “know how to code” stuff, 80% is like, environment setup, ssh, and bash to enable said coding. of the remaining 20%, half is esoteric gotchas of my languages, the remainder is… maybe applicable?

the grass is always greener i suppose. i envy the ability to come to teletype with a beginners mind!! it’d be a nice garden of all relevant things.

nah… but you have to promise it was done in the first take!!


@desolationjones i look forward to your heavily edited, multi-camera, multi-tracked composition, with cutaway shots and orchestration, where the only screen shown has a cat hitting a keyboard :rofl:

@tyleretters I’m sure everyone will blush a little teletyping if @scanner_darkly is watching :sweat_smile: After each performance he can give a breakdown of where our code could have been more concise :joy: (jokes, of course, sd is the sweetest :blush: )


that’d actually be really rad. maybe chat could do that, too! (in addition to keeping count of crashes!!)

i’m adding updated details about starting with “templates” and pre-recorded videos up above.


probably not during the actual streams ) but we could maybe create a separate category on teletype studies discord, similar to “your thesis” category, so people can see the end result and discuss?


Signing up as a (lifelong) time agnostic. Let’s go!


yesss!!! i’m so glad you signed up!!!

today i learned how to store chords in a single pattern. z is the chord pointer. pattern 3 is 16 steps long, with groups each group of 4 notes mapping to a chord:

Z + Z 1; Z WRAP Z 0 3              -- increment z; wrap 4 to 0
P.N3; P.START * Z 3                -- use pattern 3; move to the start of this chord group
L 0 3: JF.VOX I N P.NEXT V 4       -- loop through the first 4 JF voices...
                                   -- ...each playing the next note

i feel like i’m furiously building the landing gear on my spaceship as it’s coming into the atmosphere. june 5th is very close!


june 5th is very close!


I’m tempted tho


2 weeks = 2 months in 2021 time tho


Excited to be signed up! Watched that @hellocatfood performance last night (twice) & it inspired me to stop thinking about practicing live coding, and just do it. Going to be fun (and definitely not feel like work) using a tool that I wasn’t directly involved in creating haha…


@Galapagoose yaya!!! i’m so excited you signed up!

last call for signups! we’re going to solidfy timeslots tomorrow.


Does anyone else plan on having simple “hold music” for when the patch goes silent? :sweat_smile:


Thanks for organizing this!
Signed up.




I’m officially very stoked for this, really looking forward to seeing all of your sets, and I’m enjoying planning mine. Also, @tyleretters I really like what you did with the time zones in the signup sheet. Killer spreadsheet, man.


Looking forward to watching this! I’ve been recently binging Teletype Talk and pushing myself into starting patches with an Init Scene more often. This event should be a real learning experience.


Ah dang I guess I have to sign up for realsies