Flash Crash: monthly livecoding stream [archive]

signed up for next flash crash today will stress out later :smiley: catched up on performances that I have missed earlier and loved each one of them. And so many new things to learn <3


Got inspired to sign up for the Flash Crash as well! Will you make a pre-recorded set or play live?

I considered jumping in on that open spot yesterday but I have very very limited gear with me and I was worried the streaming would end up being flaky. August 7th won’t give me that much time either, but hey, flash crash is all about taking risks, right?


I hope to do a live set. If with teletype then I will need to come up with some easy way to stream phone camera to computer (preferrably synced with audio from audio interface).
There are few things I would definitelly like to try before the flash crash and then base my performance on them:

  • using almost exclusively W/2.0 synth mode with teletype and see how far I can take it composition wise
  • use teletype + w/2.0 tape mode + 4ms STS for a live sampling of guitar/ukulele/whatever - but I need to do some more tests with STS when CV controlling the start position of sample - I was getting inconsistent results but now that I think about it delaying the trigger a little bit after setting CV could probably help
  • add live mode to GitHub - kfirmanty/mvm and use it to control the nord drum 2

i signed up as well. :crossed_fingers: 3 actually is my favorite number.


Now reading this, makes perfect sense! Who knew they would pair so well…?!


all 210710 vods are up!

you won’t believe number 13.5!

all 210807 slots are full!

next flash crash is a super special crossover event with livecode.nyc and one of my heroes, the person responsible for showing me what is possible with livecoding: @hellocatfood. we met at GLI.TC/H 2112: DEC 6-9:CHICAGO ++ . that convetion/gathering/event was one of the most important touchstone moments in my practice. the only other community of people that i’ve ever met like that is… well… you all. lines. and of course, antonio is a part of both communities. :pray:

livecode.nyc is a a nyc collective that just does rad shit all day. they’re super inspirational and wildly inclusive. flash crash wouldn’t exist without them.

as their site says:

Our members include artists, engineers, actors, designers, educators, musicians, game developers, and writers. We view live coding as a methodology and not specific to a particular medium or language. Our work has been featured in The New York Times (opens new window), VICE (opens new window), and The Financial Times (opens new window).

Our regular meetups occur every few weeks and are open to all. There is no specific format or prescribed agenda, members freely share ideas, cowork, collaborate, listen, and demo. Sometimes there are three of us at a meeting, sometimes there are twenty. Our only rule is that the date for the next meetup is set at the end.

We also host periodic workshops, performances, talks, and festivals. We organize these events out of love for making cool things with code, working with what limited time and resources we have available.

lines name artist name cyberdeck
livecode.nyc CREW Rev. Johnny Healey noisefunge
livecode.nyc CREW mgs ???
livecode.nyc CREW f00f monomachine
livecode.nyc CREW dang TidalCycles
@license license ???
@egon77 theb_roll tt and Max/MSP
@desolationjones romjay tt and/or crow
@fourhoarder fourhoarder orca
@ParanormalPatroler Konstantine tt
@karol karol firmanty tt/tidalcycles?/somethingcustom?
@synthetivv angel names tt
@hellocatfood hellocatfood TidalCycles

(*not the set list)

additionally we are looking to explore adding visual livecoding into this flash crash. if you are a performer who already signed up or a visual livecoder and would be interested in collaborating DM me and i’ll play matchmaker. :fire:

reborn visual identity of flash crash and new fliers coming soon.

and in case you haven’t seen it on the flashcrash.net site yet:


To be changed by the world.

We are…

  • … a celebration of livecoding.
  • … root(-kit)ed in the global livecoding scene.
  • … anchored by the rallying cry “show us your screens!”
  • … a recursive live stream && artist community.
  • … celebrating crashes && mistakes.
  • … everywhere && everywhen.
  • … everycolor && everygender.
  • … inventing && destroying microgenres daily.
  • … pushing the boundaries of music && technology.
  • … never ending && already over.
  • … inviting you.

i just uploaded the video of my performance also on my channel (with all the links to flashcrash)


Me three…

(333 characters of…)


This set blew my mind, I had no idea one could do so many of the things you did with ORCA.


it’s like playing a puzzle or chess game, once you know what every piece do you can combine them into a lot of quirky tricks


really great set @nonmateria, went back and rewatched. you are doing a lot of cool things but my favorite is i2, the simple bit operator. so useful to have something to use as a fixed switch, i have been trying to think of a way to do that for awhile.






Just watched through the playlist of the last event and absolutely loved it. I don’t live code (I barely even dead code) but my ears understood and appreciated all that my eyes did not. Truly incredible. Thank you to everyone


This was incredibly inspiring, thank you. Will be studying some of your techniques here :grin:

Kudos to everyone who took part, looking forward to the next one!


hype post:

(but secretly testing to see if the digital millennium copyright act AI cops can successfully identify the sample. if yes: repeat until obfuscation complete, if no: this is acceptable.)

un/related: On Anti-Surveillance Makeup, And Just How Effective It Really Is


dazzle doesn’t work if you don’t cover your ears/eyes

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the above article says as much, basically that we’re ten years beyond efficacy.

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maybe “ineffective dazzle” is mapcore



all week i’ve been working on a cybernetic bandmate to accompany me while i stream flash crash this weekend. these series of videos document the evolution and this teletype code exchange post documents the patch.

observation. it appears the youtube algorithm selected a thumbnail of identical twins for the thumbnail.