Flash Crash: monthly livecoding stream [archive]

still debating what else to include but pretty set on using 2 teletypes )


I am so excited for this!
I would sign up but I have no way of getting a video feed to the people and also only exist online via 4g internet so don’t think I have fat enough pipes for live live coding :cry:


this is what i’ll be jamming on, likely patched up something like this although I was peer pressured by @tyleretters to patch from scratch as well as code from scratch so we’ll see how that goes :sweat_smile:

just type polyphony with downsampling, filtering, overdrive, and verb. keeping things fairly simple patch wise so that i remember to focus on tip-tap-typing away. Still deciding if I want to do a B-section with norns using silos — great script for livecoding, but i might have enough to do here as it is.

I’ve been playing with this set up for a couple weeks, and rehearsing livecoding with it since signing up for this. it’s the most intention i’ve had about a formal mode of performance with modular, and while the limit is artificial (of course there are great and unusual things you can get out of modular because of its limits/limitlessness) it’s nice to have the task at hand laid out so clearly. I can’t wait to see what everyone does!!


I think I’ve settled on playing these

as modeled by this

(It’s the most screens I could fit in my travel skiff :laughing:)

There is now a nonzero chance that I’ll be able to perform live, given that earliest the time slot, but I can make that decision by next Friday and provide a video if I’m not able to do it live.


as a solution for this, i’m considering reviving this hack:


What a beautiful idea! I wish I could have signed up for this! But can’t be sure I’ll make it next weekend. Will keep an eye out for future events, because I really want to show off my utterly ridiculous Teletype-as-drone-voice script to the one audience in the world who might appreciate it :-). Maybe I should just post it to the haiku thread anyway…

Here it is: Teletype haiku - #102 by SimonKirby


Heyyyyy I’m stoked to tune into this. Has the link been shared or is that forthcoming?

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It will be on Twitch !

hey @tyleretters could there be a version of your beautiful art with slightly altered text (such as the twitch link, maybe the lineup) that could be shareable on instagram and whatnot? :grimacing:


I figured It would be on Twitch, but don’t know whose channel it will be on. I’ve been inactive on Twitch for a while and don’t know if I know Tyler’s channel… I’ll keep an eye on the topic. Don’t want to miss out on this one live. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@renegog was literally doing exactly this when you were typing it lol GREAT MINDS

what’s everyone’s instagram’s so we can tag each other? i’m @tyleretters


click the link! it’s the lines_community channel !

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The New Years stream used StreamYard instead for performers (still was on the twitch for viewers) and it worked really well! Maybe @anxietymachine could give @tyleretters some pointers?

Thank you both @renegog and @tyleretters!! I’m super excited and can’t wait! Hopefully some day soon I’ll be able to (see: feel confident enough to :wink:) participate in a live stream put on by lines. :slightly_smiling_face:

This one was a hard pass because my set would be a crash set. :stuck_out_tongue:

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we actually just tested out a new platform today - should be very easy!

live performers: we’re going to be using https://obs.ninja/ to send everyone’s captures to me, and then i’ll be working in a sort-of-production role getting the right people on stream. just a few steps:

  1. go to https://obs.ninja/
  2. click on “Add Your Camera to OBS”

    on this page, you’ll be able to set up video and audio sources. if you have a scene set up in OBS that you want to use, you can start the Virtual Camera in OBS and use that as your video source. You can hop in any time to make sure your set up works - you should see yourself and hear your own audio in the browser.
  3. once that is working, you’ll see your stream url at the top.
    you’ll need to get that to me (preferably via the community stream Discord or carrier pigeon)
  4. i’ll take your OBS Ninja stream and get you on the lines_community twitch for your set. The end!

If you run into any issues feel free to send me a DM here or on Discord (anxietymachine#0230).

If you’re planning to pre-record your set, please get it to me by next Friday (june 4). whatever format is cool.


gonna try this as my setup for FLASH CRASH:


“hello, yes, police?”


overhauled v22409:

overhauled v22410:


bonus points for reassembling the case during the show!


Since we’re tracking crashes, a mid-set case rearrange would be called a “pit stop” right? :grimacing:


reading up on this again and it sounds like a BLAST
can we setup another round?? (monthly? quarterly?)