> flash crash: new year's day 2022

@scanner_darkly this is awesome. thank you so much for sharing and re-recording!!

presenting the fc210710 flash crashers!


I got my price! Thank you!!!


Really neat setup. Do you by any chance use custom firmware on it with QMK? Would love to see your keymap if so, as thinking of making mine for Preonic keyboard.

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hey thanks! no custom stuff. i like to minimize dependencies and just deal with the defaults that don’t work for me instead. there was a time i had vim so customized i couldn’t use it unless i had my .vimrc, all the pathogen stuff… i realized i had crippled myself. i like to be able to pick up any tool and just use it as is.


ha yes it happened to me few times. Some key combos and macros would be useful I think tho with teletype. Even library of parts of scripts might be interesting to use as well.


much of the flash crash crew has been busy at work on a compilation album as well as a new website. we have several posts up and the latest is from @nonverbalpoetry and @renegog : Map Corps University #9: Queer Messy Maps - #15 by nonverbalpoetry


Warming up before the show
rubs hands together


That is so cool. What are you controlling in that video?

What are you controlling in that video?

My little synth Enfer.

I love your background. Prospect was such a gorgeous movie.

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hey everyone, unfortunately i am going to be giving up my time slot for tomorrows flash crash. i’ve been having a hard time managing my anxiety, and it’s become pretty clear that i’m not going to be able to pull it together this time. if you are interested in performing, hit up @tyleretters to set things up.

i’ll definitely still be tuning in, and am excited to see everyone play!


twenty characters of :sparkling_heart:


I hope you feel better.


@Justmat Take care :slight_smile: see you on the chat o/


doors are open:



Code for my set here

EDIT: Writeup link is here! Flash Crash 210710 SC Set Writeup


fc210710 patch notes

I/O + voices
6 - Receives gate out from OP-Z (each bar).
7 - Receives PO sync from OP-Z (each eighth note).

TR/CV 1 - Mother 32 gate/pitch
TR/CV 2 - Bass (Ts-L + Cinnamon)
TR/CV 3 - Strega
CV 4 - Strega filter time (but very attenuated)
TR 5 - Envelope for bass cutoff
CV 5 - Bass envelope lengths (JF time input)
Mother 32 → Strega → Reverb

Map Ascension

Bass voice is controlled from script 1, which is essentially EVERY X and EVERY Y triggering a bass note with EVERY Y also triggering a sweep of the filter cutoff. Script 4 randomizes X and Y. I trigger this manually until I find a pleasing rhythm. There’s also some longer EVERY’s to occasionally lengthen the envelopes. Two EVERY's is a simple way to hunt for interesting rhythms; it helps to randomize X to a shorter value and Y to a longer value.

Melody - rhythm
A is randomized to any value, then the bits in that number are used as a length 16 pattern. Script 2 basically rotates the bits in A, gets the current bit and triggers the M32 if that bit is 1.

B is also randomized to any value, and controls when the atmosphere/twinkles play from strega. I wanted this to be more random, so script 3 basically mangles B against A then checks if the bottom bit is on.

Melody - arp morph + chord changes

  • Pattern 0 is a minor scale
  • Pattern 1 is the arp shape
  • The melody uses the next value of arp shape as an index into the scale each time it plays a new note CV 1 N P PN.NEXT 1.

This is the fun part - each bar all voices get offset to a new root note in the scale and the lead arp shape is morphed (script 6). P.I MOD ADD P.I DRUNK P.I is updating the root note. J MOD ADD PN.HERE 1 2 P.L is adding 2 to the current arp shape value which gets assigned PN.HERE 1 J. Which of the three arp notes gets morphed depends on where the chord change lands in the melody.

NB: Use ADD for dramatic effect.


Phenomenal music today. Many thanks to everyone who performed!