Fleeting Breath - There Will Be Traces In This World And The Next

Hello everyone.
I’ve been on this forum for a moment, I started lurking after getting a Grid, then joined after in think late 2020, after moving to Louisville from Des Moines.

This album was the first material I recorded after acquiring my Norns quickly upon arrival, and released after living in Louisville for a little over a year.

It’s a lot of my tried and true tape players, field recordings, and manipulation of contact mic’d metal junk… but also a lot of droning modular stuff. Of course, there’s plenty of Norns on there. Bits and pieces of Reaktor and Max while my “studio” was actually a mattress in a loft with two 80lb dogs…

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I’ve been wanting to share my work with you folks for a while. There are currently two copies of the tape left available from the label, but I have a handful and some download codes printed.
It’s an honor to be on the same label as Franz De Waard and my friend Howard Stelzer!
I have more tracks and albums being formed, but I work slowly.