Flexible mounts for mics/cameras/etc

Kind of an oddball question, but I’ve seen things like this in various people’s gear photos over the years and have never really known what to google/search for to find exactly what I need.

Basically I want a short/flexible gooseneck thing that I can mount on my snare to hold a microphone in place when I’m not holding it.

Something roughly like this:

I’d be 3d printing the part that holds it to the snare, so not worried about any kind of mount/clamping stuff. I was hoping to find something “standard”-ish (ala GoPro-style mounting/connection points) but most of the GoPro-y things are waay too husky.

I’ve ordered a couple different types off eBay and neither is what I’m after.

The GoPro-style one is a perfect length, but like waaay too thick (and a bit “clicky” when I adjust it). The other one is waay too long, and probably a bit flimsy.

An ideal thing would be something like that segmented joint but that is thinner and/or more easily adjustable.

Anyone have any suggestions and/or have anything similar to these kinds of things?

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might check out these “gorillapods” I think they have different sizes

I have one that i mount my iPhone to to do short video recordings

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Actually I think @Angela and I have an aaancient gorilla thing like this. It would be idea if it was just one leg though. Or something along that kind of thickness/mobility.

IIRC - There’s 3d printed versions of the segmented type (like gorillapod) on thingiverse


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I’ve not tried printing anything that mechanical or interlocking. Would be nice to be able to have as much or as little as I want, though perhaps not as sturdy as the injection-molded (?) ABS stuff.

broken parts are easily replaceable (re-printed). :slight_smile:

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In the machining world we call that stuff Loc-Line. You can buy individual segments, tees, etc, of many different diameters to make your own flex mount. We use it to shoot cutting fluid at parts :wink:


Aha - this is the magic keyword! Thanks!! Makes searching for models on thingiverse MUCH easier.

Try searching for “gooseneck” or “snake clamp” mic or photography stands.

I have also found that visiting a larger camera/film store that is aimed at professionals always has a section of inexpensive bits and bobs that are used for rigging up sets that can be used to piece together this kind of thing. I wouldn’t have a clue what to call those products either but they are usually strong and cheap.

https://www.smallrig.com have lots of good stuff. I use one of their things to mount my camera on a mic stand.

I’ve searched extensively for this exact same kind of thing. The best luck I had was to look for iPhone, iPad, and tablet holders for cars. I eventually got what I needed just from sheer brute force of clicking through ALL the pages resulting from Google searches…

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Ooooh! Super useful!

From the looks of it, correct me if I’m wrong, you can pop off/on segments to make it shorter or longer as needed?

I also googled “loc-line gopro” and found some hardware connection bits too, which would be nice to base things off of.

Yes, there’s a special tool to snap segments together.

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It might be overkill, but there is the Manfrotto 237HD.
I can say that I like it.
link to 237HD page on the Manfrotto website

They also have a lighter version, which I would not use to hold a mic, but YMMV.
link to 237 page on the Manfrotto website

And they have a lot of compatible clamps / accessories that I use all the time.

edit : Unfortunately they’re not what I would call “short”.
But you could attach it to the snare stand.

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I’ll post some more pics/info in the 3D Printing / Digital Fabrication thread, but I finally got around to making something with the Loc-Line hoses I ordered a while back: