Flin module?

I (finally) upgraded from my original first run walnut 128 to one of the new slim beautiful varibright grids and in the process have fallen back in love with flin.

It got me wondering if the white whale module could capable of running a version of flin? I was imagining that the two CV outs could send out 1v/oct for even/odd rows from the grid or split 8 columns each with some kind of note priority for the instances where notes hit at the same time. The first two trigger outs could fire off in sync with two corresponding CV outs. What would the other two trigger outs do? What function would the parameter knob have?

Anyway. sometimes it’s fun to daydream about this stuff because you never know what could come of it (still crossing my fingers for an MLR/live sampling module)


Meadowphysics is flin on steroids.

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But doesn’t it only send triggers out w/ no pitch info?

Correct. Add teletype into the mix, and you could set the note trigger from each switch from one of the 4 CV outs, and pulse one of the triggers. So up to a 4 voice Flin (assuming you have 4 oscillators/envelopes/vcas).

Or six triggers out to just friends six voices in plume mode… That’s a real beast!

Makes your laptop feel like an iPad if you know what I mean.

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working on a whitewhale mod to break the clock for the triggers out into their own independent loops, though i might take a crack at something like this in a few weeks sounds like it’d be pretty fun


so far this has been one of my favorite configs for TT & MP (though i’ve only done 1 or 2 voices)

i’ve done this too, really fun!

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That would be fantastic!

+1 one on a flip mod for white whale!