Flip: iOS sampler / sequencer

Wanted to let everyone know I’ve just released a pretty robust iOS sampler!

It’s called Flip and it should be showing up in different countries’ App Stores over the next 24 hours. Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

This was made over the last 2+ years in collaboration with the developers responsible for Elastic Drums, Elastic FX, touchAble, Modstep etc. Our aim was to make a great all-in-one mobile solution for sample-based music production, with a focus on a smooth and enjoyable workflow.

A long list of features is available at the link above but I’ll just share some of the things that excite me the most:

  1. Getting samples in is dead easy. You can AirDrop them right in, import via the Files app, or record into the app via your device’s mic or a connected iOS interface. As soon as you stop recording a sound, it’s available on a drum pad, it’s mapped across a 10 octave keyboard, and it’s on a track with an effects chain ready to go, or you can also edit in a few taps (trim, pitch, gain, EQ, amp envelope, reverse).
  2. Automation can get very deep. Each sound has 19 automatable parameters, each of which can have independent loop lengths, and can be quantized or unquantized, drawn by hand or randomized.
  3. Pattern chaining is fast and dynamic.
  4. You can export a master file as well as stems in .wav format.
  5. You can record all app audio live, for creating loops or tracks with live manipulation, and stems are available in this mode as well.
  6. There is a set of fun gesture-based live effects: Random triggering, pitch bending, and reverb send (each of these can be active on whichever tracks you choose) and a global LP/HP filter.

Here are a couple images.

We also wanted to make this accessible, so we’re only charging $9.99US for it, and it’s 20% off for the launch. Hope you’ll look into it if you’re on the hunt for a mobile sampler, and I’m happy to answer questions here if there are any!


This looks really neat, congrats on shipping! I’m guessing from the description that it’s completely stand-alone, rather than something that plays with the rest of the iOS AUv3 ecosystem?

Thanks! For now yeah, we decided to focus on making it the best standalone thing we could first. AUv3 is definitely something we’d like to integrate in the first major update!


On the accessibility point – any plan to port to Android? :hugs:

Major congrats. Just got it. Glad to see Ableton Link support. Is MIDI in there? I haven’t spotted it.

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I grabbed it, looks cool!

Definitely looking forward to AUv3 when you get there…

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Thanks so much, folks!

@yams No firm plans but it’s in our minds…just more challenges with Android due to generally higher audio latency and orders of magnitude more types of hardware

@disquiet No MIDI yet (besides the internal piano roll) but it’s in the works!


Super. Just got my MIDI Fighter Twister today.


wow, really fun. nice one!

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Even though I don’t know anything about your program, the famous koala sampler released for android, and so far its been running pretty good, so maybe it can be a possibility, android is improving!

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pretty much always crashes if I use the sequencer page for too long (more than 30 secs) but auto save and fast load time means i’m back in fast and i don’t lose anything.

edit: it starts to crash faster the more I try to edit in that page, just now maybe 5 secs.

sorry to hear that! we were quite stable by the end of beta with about 40 people testing but have heard a couple other people bring this up about the sequencer since release. right now we think that some people who edit with a lot of long presses might run into this problem. if that’s you, we’ve already fixed it for the next update, but if not please let me know of anything you’re consistently doing before a crash. you can also submit that info at flipsampler.com/contact


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ok sorry, not always but yeah there were some solid key presses in there. can’t get it now so that’s cool. thanks Andrew.

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absolutely! if you have flip open on your device and airdrop multiple samples to it at once, you should get a popup where you can select flip and they’ll all import right away and be accessible from within the browser on the sample settings page. :slight_smile:


Apple does indeed often just work – for users and developers alike!

Wondering if a lower bar that might still increase accessibility (would for me, at least!) would be compatibility w/ iOS on MacBooks / desktops. Maybe that presents UI challenges given that the interface is (quite obviously) optimized for touch screens.

In any case, it looks like enough fun that those of us who have no way of using it wish we had a way of using it, which means y’all have done a great job!

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Hey y’all. I may be missing something obvious, but is there a quick way to bypass the envelope altogether when playing pads? I’ve got some long samples that I want to run the whole way through. Thanks!

The envelope is always active so unfortunately for this use case you would have to set up a long note in the piano roll. (FYI we are working on dramatically extending the maximum loop length.) If more users become interested in this kind of functionality though we will definitely look into how feasible it is to implement!


Cool cool, thanks, and happy new year!

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Most of the examples I’ve seen of Flip focus on beat heavy music… is anyone using Flip for longer samples with a more ambient direction?


Flip is probably not conducive to that kind of work in its current version, but it’s come up before and some ideas are in discussion with the devs. Right now samples have a maximum length of 1 minute and must be sequenced (as opposed to triggered once and left freely looping). Not sure what your workflow is like but those tend to be the limitations that ambient-oriented folks ask us about.