Floa - propagations

Hi one and all, happy new year. I just released a few wee ambient tracks, and thought i’d share to the community.

Wasn’t sure enough about sending it out into the world but going through with this, was enough of a win for me tho, starting a new year off right…

These were recorded over the last year, each in one take, from a 6u setup, stereo masters with light processing in ableton.

I have been fighting to learn teletype, amidst ongoing health issues, and that was used mainly, alongside a keystep/ qu-bit bloom as backup for further melodic parts/random pitches. As much as teletype can wizard out some cool complicated and jarring melodies (rip fc!), I’m trying to focus on more meditative and organic influences, from the likes of taylor/12k, nils frahm, marcus fischer, paperbark, zake, tapes and tapographies, bersarin quartett. You can see the ball park hopefully, a snippet of my listening rotation.

It’s been a back n forth process, but I would like to thank specifically @Obakegaku for his kind and fervourful encouragement and tuition, of which dipping my toe in these exciting waters, would not have happened.

As back story, I used to work in film sound, mostly location, but did some post/sound design jobs, so have always been into the movie medium esp the soundtracks and take inspiration from there in creating a particular sense of space.

My angle is of creating movie soundtracks/themes without an accompanying visual, which of course, can be imagined, individually unique and appropriate to any of us. Which I’m sure is the power of music, even in found sound, a lot of us can be grateful for and find healing from generally speaking. I definitely feel that.

I wish you all a great year for abundant creativity! Enjoy!

Codes listed below, redeem at Floa



I used 2uck-w89d

Thanks, looking forward to listening!


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Thank you, I like the sound of this.

Downloading now and I used g8x9-wkjs

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This sounds very intriguing indeed! Looking forward to listening :smiley:

I used qnjd-kl2f

Thanks for sharing!


Enjoying the sounds. Thanks for sharing!

I used htc2-6sgy

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Listening now. Beautifully calm sounds. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

I used code t423-w6dy.

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I used cnns-6sy9 - looking forward to listening! <3

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Used 5q3q-b6x3 many thanks

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Thanks so much and can’t wait for the listen!

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Thanks for the code and for the music. Well done!

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Love it! Used c66x-vs9v and noted that several others not publicly claimed have also been used.

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Interested to hear this after reading your intro. Hope your health issues are improving. Thanks a million for the code.

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cheers, lifelong stuff tbh, but the magic of music helps keep me going…