Floating Weeds by Tunnelwater (Seil Records)

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday my latest album Floating Weeds was released on Seil Records and I’ve been really pleased with the way that it’s been received. I thought that I would share it here as this forum introduced me to a lot of the music and musicians that would become aesthetic touchstones for me in the years leading up to the creation of this album.

It was made with a pretty small setup: one guitar, a Yamaha cp, and volca fm into a small pedalboard of CT5, ditto looper, strymon timeline and Zoia. All this was recorded onto my iphone using the Digitakt as an interface.

I hope that some people here enjoy it and if anyone has any questions about process or anything else then I am happy to answer!



It’s a great album, dude. I’m really enjoying it. I particularly like how many great sounds you made with such a minimal set up. Well done.

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Such a great record man! Inspiring to know you used such a small setup! Peace

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Thanks @Bryan_Rohmer and @T1D3S ! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

Yes, I’ve got a lot of comments back from people who have been surprised by the small setup. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that jazz!


I like it a lot! May I ask you if these tracks are live takes? Did you use pre-recorded samples?

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Thanks @SMesquida ! Sure, ask anything that you fancy.

Yes, the tracks are live tracks, recorded stereo onto my phone. No pre-recorded samples were used, I played everything into the loopers during the sessions. They are essentially improvisations, once the session finished and I turned the gear off, everything was gone, I had no chance to go back and redo anything.


oooh, really digging this! where do you put your pedals when improvising? I struggle to find the right place that allows both feet and hand use while playing guitar.

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Very nice. Very soothing, beautiful release

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Thanks! I keep everything on a table, I find that don’t really need to use my feet for anything while playing at the same time, so it works fine for me. Also that means it’s easier for me to tweak knobs too.

Thanks @Psychotronic glad you like it!

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