Flocking is a JavaScript audio synthesis framework designed for artists and musicians who are building creative and experimental Web-based sound projects. It runs in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Node.js on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Flocking is different. Its goal is to promote a uniquely community-minded approach to instrument design and composition. In Flocking, unit generators and synths are specified declaratively as JSON, making it easy to save, share, and manipulate your synthesis algorithms. Send your synths via Ajax, save them for later using HTML5 local data storage, or algorithmically produce new instruments on the fly.

Because it’s just JSON, every instrument you build using Flocking can be easily modified and extended by others without forcing them to fork or cut and paste your code. This declarative approach will also help make it easier to create new authoring, performance, metaprogramming, and social tools on top of Flocking.


how’d you hear about it?

@reaktorplayer is one of the best accounts on Twitter.

Bumping this thread. I found the source code for this on an old computer and I thought of Norns. There’s an experimental UI that displayes the ugen graph in a browser. This could be useful for the Norns IDE to get closer to a supercollider mode.