Flora (v0.2.4-beta: midi note off bug fix)

This is really something else. Lovely concept and elegant design. :seedling:

@Ukasz, thank you for the suggestion. I’ve added this to the preliminary roadmap.


was wondering…would it be possible to see adjustment changes when controlling things over MIDI?

@SPIKE, I have this item in the preliminary roadmap:

Make additional Bandsaw variables available for Crow, Just Friends, and Midi outputs.

The thought is to make more of the Bandsaw engine parameters you can adjust on the water screen available to send to the Crow, Just Friends and Midi outputs.

Does this align with what you had in mind for MIDI or did you have other ideas?


This script is so great. I installed it tonight and here I am an hour later. Well done!

this is so nice, thank you!

noticed: midi channels doesn’t update? my 0-coast is set to channels 5/6 but it seems like channels are stuck on 1/2(?) regardless the settings in parameters. tested with my digitone aswell and it sounds like it plays from those channels. i hard coded channels 5/6 and got the 0-coast running but the delays in midi_note_off where to long for the 0-coast to pick up a new trigger. i hard coded the delay to 0 and all notes are then triggered, it’s nice to have a gate for note length though but i guess it’s too long right now for a new trigger to occur for next note.

I came here to report the same thing. I’ve spotted the issue in code, and will deliver a pull-request in just a moment.

[edit: submitted to @jaseknighter for review]

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did you also notice that midi device is hard coded in plant_sounds.lua? I tried to map this with params:get but got an error and did not have time to dig deeper.

Oh I didn’t, thanks. Lesson 1: always search for variable name in the entire project. Lesson 2: re-learn to do Git squashing.

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20 characters of WOW

@xmacex and @vicimity, thank you so much for your help finding these midi bugs and providing fixes. I should be able to review, test, and merge them sometime later today.

In regards to the midi_note_off delay issue reported by @vicimity, I’m thinking it might be nice to create a parameter setting for bypassing the delay when calling midi_note_off and I’ll add this to my preliminary roadmap in case I can’t get to it today.

[update] The code kindly provided by @xmacex to fix the midi output channel bugs mentioned above has been merged and a new release (v0.0.3-beta) has been created. The release also has two additional improvements for midi output, enabled by the following global variables set in lib/globals.lua:

  1. midi_out_channel1 and midi_out_channel2 set the default midi out channels.
  2. midi_out_envelope_override1 and midi_out_envelope_override2 set the delay time before calling midi_out_device:note_off, overriding the delay set by the envelopes by default. The code has these two new variables set to nil (so by default they are ignored).

@vicimity, this second set of global variables is meant to address the issue you encountered with your 0-coast.


This is just wonderful! Very intuitive design. I had so much fun playing until way too late into the evening, then had those dreams where you hardly sleep while all the possibilities run through your head… Great tho!

Massive noob here so possibly user error but after saving a preset I couldn’t access the parameters list. I had to re load the script.

flora is awesome! first try, i hooked it up with the 16n and it was sooooo fun!



Here’s a clip of me flipping through some psets.
I really think psets can be used in a creative way especially if they were sequenced making a basic Song mode. But doing it manually is fun also.
btw - That’s not a request for this script, it’s more of a general request to the coders who work on the monome firmware. I would love to be able to select a handful of psets and for them to autoplay in a sequence. Add x 2 , x 4, x 8 next to each pset for the number of cycles before it moves on.



So glad you are enjoying the script @dtm!

@mlogger just posted about creating presets and I just successfully tested saving and loading presets, so I’m not sure what issue you encountered. If you continue seeing issues, please don’t hesitate to message me directly and I’ll see what I can do to help.

There are no major issues with psets - it was more of a general request to have a basic sequencer incorporated in the pset menu. So not really about this script, more for Norns system firmware.

A couple of things I did notice that weren’t saving correctly were the modify and plant pages letters and symbols at the top of the page and also the Plow env length / env level bars page. Not sure if I’m on an earlier beta though.


I’ve added saving modify page letters/symbols and envelope settings to the preliminary roadmap.

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Cool thanks - not a big issue :slight_smile: Btw this thing is killer! So musical.

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hey @jonsimon , just out of curiosity do you happen to remember which parameters you had mapped to the 16n? sweet demo!

sat down with this last night, really cool even without yet understanding what the screens do exactly. had a lot of fun editing params directly. thanks for the links - I spent most of the night reading the Schiffman page w/ Flora playing in the background.