Flora (v0.4.9-beta: fixed pitch-shifting arpeggiator and minimal sequencer loader)

Thanks for this fix and all the rest.
Now gonna spend some hours on this !! :wink:

Just updated to v0.2.4 and when I look at the flora.lua file in maiden it still says v0.2.1. On norns when I load it it says v0.2.4. I’ve refreshed maiden and I’m not sure why it is not reflecting the update on maiden. Probably missing something obvious…

@ohm, I’m not sure why this is happening. Can you try removing Flora in maiden and then doing a fresh install? I just went through this procedure and v0.2.4 is appearing for me in maiden in the flora.lua file.

Just tried it and still no luck. What I did was used maiden uninstall button, then system reset norns, then refreshed maiden community, then installed using the install button. Maiden still says v0.2.1. I also tried connecting to server and deleting the contents of dust/code/flora and dust/data/flora, then downloading the current flora-main.zip and pasting the contents of flora-main into dust/code/flora. Then used a text editor to view the just pasted flora.lua file and it says v0.2.4. Then closed maiden, open maiden again hit the reload button and checked the flora.lua file using the file viewer in maiden and it still v0.2.1. I’m stumped. I also updated Barcode this morning and that update is reflected in maiden. So strange.

Very strange. Did you restart a second time after copying the files onto the norns file system
that you got directly from GitHub?

I just did a system sleep power off and power on and maiden still not reflecting the v0.2.4 that is on norns. Is a restart different than that?

if the discrepancy is just in maiden, try clearing your browser cache.


Clearing the browser cache worked! thank you.


Great script and thanks for addressing the midi note off issue. Feature request would be to have channels 2 and 4 of crow send triggers rather than the envelops. I have a Sputnik Quad VCF/VCA and can get an envelop from the low pass gate but nothing from the VCA. Additionally, the voltages on the envelops are not strong enough to excite any of my passive LPGs either. Best.

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@Bman thank you for the suggestion. Before I add this to the roadmap, I’m curious if you’ve tried increasing the level values of the two envelope shapes on the plow screen. That should help increase the voltages coming out of crow outputs 2 and 4. Also, you could try changing the envelope shapes so they behave more “triggerishly” (going up and down very quickly).

I have and it works. I would, however, like to use the more modulation options I have by bringing a clean trigger into my analog system. Obviously having the ability to control the envelop when the sound goes direct or through midi is grand, but I have so many other options if it goes out of crow as a trigger.

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Gotcha. I’ll add this to the roadmap.

Just wanted to drop in here to say thanks for Flora, such a great script. I had variations of this patch going in the background while working all last week, so decided to record a snippet at the weekend. The internal bandsaw audio is going out via cocoquantus, while flora is also driving JF (via self-patched Sisters). Some underlying granular textures from Nebulae. Thanks again.


@_threethings thank you so much for sharing the music you made with Flora. I am really enjoying it! :heart:

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I’d like to share a new version of Flora and make an announcement I am very excited about.

Flora v0.3.0-beta
The Flora v0.3.0-beta is now available and includes the following new features:

Midi-in notes
Midi-in notes may now be used to sequence the Bandsaw SuperCollider engine. If audio is selected as one of the outputs, midi-in notes will play alongside the Flora sequencer. Settings for midi-in may be accessed from the PARAMETERS->EDIT->inputs/outputs menu.

L-system algorithms exposed in the UI
The modify page has been updated to expose the underlying L-system algorithms for each plant. See the UI and Controls section at the top of this post for the key commands now available on Flora’s modify page. Also, see the documentation on GitHub for general information on L-systems and how they are used in this script.

A feature to save modified L-system algorithms is not yet available, but will be soon.

Flutter and wow
As of the v3.0-beta, flutter and wow may be set for the Bandsaw SuperCollider engine from the PARAMETERS->EDIT->wow&flutter menu.

Other new features/updates

  • PARAMETERS>EDIT menu cleanup.
  • A new L-system algorithm (plant #3) has been added, which is based on Penrose tiling (see Penrose tiling - Wikipedia).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

The attached video demonstrates many of these new capabilities. Thanks to @okyeron for his extremely awesome OMX-27 keyboard/sequencer featured in attached video.

Online workshops are being scheduled for Flora. Please stay tuned for additional detailed announcements in the next couple of weeks.


Great news, will be in for the workshops.


Count me in for the workshops!

(This new demo video sounds awesome!)


Marvelous!! One of my favourite scripts ever! Excited for the online workshops!


I’ve been looking forward to this update; wow and flutter sounds cool. +1 for the workshop!


I still have a very poor idea how this thing works and what the sounds are. I like it :seedling: