Flora workshops: June 6th and 20th

thank you @jaseknighter, the workshop was just fantastic. can’t wait for the next one! hopefully its okay to be a TA still when I’m doing a ton of learning and feel like a student :slight_smile:

as I mentioned, its really boggling to me how dynamic flora gets with just a few tweaks (especially that envelope randomizer!). I’ve been recorded 20-30 minute sessions without even listening, mostly so I have something to listen to later. with flora I have this certainty that it will just sound good when I listen later because of the genius that it is.

here’s a clip of what I was jamming to during the workshop (flora sequencing piano and strega, doing lots of random modulation on the stega envelope):


beautiful! how were you sequencing the piano?

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@Knivtid, @Helen , @SMesquida , @swhic, thank you so much and thanks to everyone for attending!

@24Franks, @infinitedigits, and @walkindude125, I am extremely grateful to you for your TA help leading up to and during the workshop!

@dan_derks bless you again and again for all your help getting this workshop off the ground and guiding me along the way.

If anyone has follow up questions from the workshop, please don’t hesitate to reach out in this thread or message me directly.

The next class on June 20 will cover the following topics:

  • Sequencing with L-Systems and mod screen deep dive
  • Community Gardening
  • PSET Sequencing
  • Outputs (including but not limited to midi, Just Friends, Crow, W/2)

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in two weeks!


piano was sequenced by forking flora and substituing the engine for mx.samples. its fun to use different instruments but it does miss out on all the cool bandsaw parameters if you do it this way.


Thanks so much for the amazing workshop @jaseknighter, Its given me a serious amount of inspiration. Looking forward to the next session!


@jaseknighter thanks for the great session. I couldn’t believe it when you said that we had 15 minutes left, i could have gone for hours longer.

Looking forward to the next one!

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Hey guys! is this available to buy and watch later? i missed it :frowning:


I’m pretty sure it would be available to buy and watch later.

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@alexblaxx and @Doom thank you so much for attending. It makes me very glad that you enjoyed yourselves!

@oora I’m really sorry you missed today’s session, but it will be available as a video in about a week and there’s also the session on the 20th that you haven’t missed. :slight_smile:


For anyone who couldn’t make it to the first session on June 6 (Flora intro), the video is now available for purchase on the Music Hackspace website (see link above). Those who did attend may also access the video.

For the upcoming session on June 20 (Digging deeper), I will be releasing a new version of Flora. I’ll announce it here and on the main Flora thread when it is live, hopefully later today or tomorrow.

I am looking forward to seeing all y’all on Sunday!

Version 0.4.5 of Flora has been released. This is a minor release which contains some feature improvements (detailed in the main Flora thread).

Folks attending the class on Sunday June 20 (or watching the video subsequently) should be sure to update to this release or greater.

The class on Sunday June 20 will cover the following topics:

  • Outputs (MIDI, crow, Just Friends, W/2)
  • Parameter (PSET) sequencing
  • The L-system algorithm + building custom plant forms/sequences
  • Community Gardening (via norns.online)

Missing the second session, but looking forward to seeing it later on.


thank you @jaseknighter for another brilliant workshop. learning about the pset-sequencer blew my mind, and the description of the l-systems was totally illuminating.

here’s a flora trio from Domi, Dan, and Cameron playing flora simultaneously (I recorded this from my computer, where each person beamed audio into my browser in three separate tabs via norns.online):


Many, many many thanks to all who attended today’s session. Much gratitude is due as well to @dan_derks, @24Franks, @infinitedigits, and @walkindude125 for their tremendous assistance during the group session and in running the breakouts.

@infinitedigits, thank you for sharing the recording of Domi, Dan, and Cameron playing Flora together! I love it and can’t wait to see more collaborative music being performed over norns.online and by other means!

@Knivtid, I’m so sorry you couldn’t make it for our session this morning. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions after reviewing the recording.

The recording from today’s session will be available in about a week’s time if not sooner!


The recording from the June 20th session is now available on the Music Hackspace site.

Also, I’m working on some minor improvements to Flora resulting from the workshop and should be ready to publish them in the next day or so.


Great pair of workshops, i highly recommend anyone to sign up for them.

Following up from them there was an idea to get together and have a collaborative play via norns.online

If anyone is interested we could wiggle our way towards a time and date.


nice one, any idea what instruments the guys play?

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All the various sounds are generated by flora, just with different settings on each of the 3 norns.


bandpass-filtered sawtooth engine! great!

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