Flowing into the Sea

This is my second longer release, created with all the free time lockdown has gifted me. This has less of a concept than my first album, and is more drawn from feelings and emotions I was going through.

All the tracks are taken from longer improvised performances on a 12U Eurorack setup, plus some external effects. Only light eq afterwards.

Please have a listen, any feedback welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:


The stereo field is really really good and immersive

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Thanks! I spent alot more thinking about panning and putting things in their own space, so glad it made a difference.

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very nice! any notes on the process of creating these tracks?

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Thank you :smiley:

I’ll try my best but most often by the time I edit and finalise tracks I can’t remember the exact process. Which I actually enjoy as I feel like more of a listener.

I would normally create a patch based on what was inspiring me at that point, which I would build up over a few days recording most of it as I go. Normally once all the parts are added I hopefully get a performance of it that has some more magical sections. These are then removed, and very lighly mastered. (Most tracks are cropped like this but Messengers was unusually the full take.)

All the tracks when mainly sequenced with USTA, with normally one voice running through a Precision Adder to combine with another sequencer. Some tracks I also played in parts by hand using a Tetrapad/Tete in Notes mode. The main voices are: Lifeforms Primary Osc and Generate 3 on lead type sounds, Spectrum on bass. I also use a Nebulae v2 on quite a few tracks and also a Disting Ex as a multisample player. Effects are: Tiptop Echoz, Strymon Timeline, Ventris and Oto Bam. Drums are from Digitakt.

Most of the field recordings used are ran in Nebulae to allow for morphing and pitching them. A couple of tracks (or, Soothsayer) I also use my voice through a mic and preamp module and then proceesed with filter and effects.