Hi all,

New release out today:

Just digital, these recordings came together really quickly and was itching to get it out there so didn’t shop around for a label.

Several somewhat improvised sessions in an entirely new recording (and living) situation on an old modular system I’d neglected for years in lieu of brighter, shinier things.

Intertwined within the jams are a couple of serendipitous field recordings I’ve acquired over the last year, which blended well with certain pieces. The title track, Flyalarm, features one such example - a loud, abrupt siren (a relic of the Cold War that’s tested periodically I’m told) went off in the valley I’m currently located in as I was working on the very track it ended up in!

Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to purchase, use code ‘frysing’ at checkout for 20% discount.


A little update - Brachliegen Tapes kindly offered to do a physical run on cassette of this initially digital release, and the tapes have come out beautifully.
Can be found here Music | Brachliegen Tapes ☽
and also at Norman Records if you’re in the UK.