FM synthesis

Pre-assembled grey one… Ordered

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For anyone interested in the FM morphing and sound design aspects of the Sonicware Liven XFM, I made a video tutorial series. It’s quite verbose as an unscripted series of (10) one take recordings, but the episodes on the 3 morphing synth engines are probably illustrative, as are (perhaps) the 3 or 4 operator FM sound design lesson (the last two).


I’m sorry I’ve looked everywhere- not sure what happened to it

EDIT - found it
Can’t believe I found it - it’s basic but it’s supposed to be


Korg Opsix Bargain Alert - These are going for less than 1/2 price right now. I was planning to wait until after this project to pick one up but couldn’t pass this up…

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Thanks for your cool work! Album sounds great to me, btw!

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Dexed is a superb DX style synth and I cannot believe it is free.

Did you know Dexed can be used to generate random type circuit bent sounding, and experimental glitch style patches?

Instead of loading sysex files, load any file from your computer. .log .bmp .ini……anything - and it will generate a patch bank from it. Ebooks are good :+1:

Some of the sounds it produces this way are unique and perfect fodder for sound designers, sample creators and folks who find it difficult to program. They can played and listened to within Dexed and sound nothing like a typical DX style preset. Think Aphex Twin or Rioji Ikeda not Eno.

Even better - you can also send those patches to a DX7/TX7 and it also works with an FS1R. My FS1R now sounds pretty strange and just the way I like :slight_smile:


Didn’t know. Thanks a lot for the info. Can’t wait to try it out

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not sure of a better spot for this question. I love Dexed! I am using it as a plugin in Reaper and I have searched and cannot find a midi panic button. the best I can seem to do is delete the plugin from the track which means I have to slog back through the carts to get that patch back. notes get stuck a LOT.

Sorry in advance if this is an obvious thing to you but I saw this problem a lot : are those real stuck MIDI notes, or do you sometimes have the amplitude of the end of the envelope at something else than 0 ?

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There is also this dexed port for teensy:


To add to this, all envelopes and the synthesis as a whole continues (on most FM synths) until the last envelope has complete its release. Moreover a non zero release level doesn’t continue indefinitely, but it will be extended at it’s terminal level by any operator’s release time longer than its release time. This is one reason not to have have non zero release on carriers. A very long release on one operator and a short non zero release on a carrier can sound a lot like a stuck note. FWIW I think Repear defaults to sending a “midi panic” message when the transport is stopped (configurable in the midi menu); I have no idea how this applies to plugins though.


oh wow. This is wild. Especially with the new 4.1 just released.

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it is definitely possible I am sending it 0 cutoff, but honestly my biggest problem is just trying to audition patches. so select patch, noodle a litte, it’s not right, switch to the next patch, whoops I didn’t let that one note die totally, it’s now frozen. it definitely doesn’t die when I stop the transport, I made a whole composition yesterday starting and stopping at different notes and letting them all pile up in an academic synthesis kind of mass. which was cool! but.


sending a “midi panic” message when the transport is stopped (configurable in the midi menu)

thanks @chalkwalk, found this and it worked

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@tekknovator There is also an open source hardware version of Dexed that runs on a raspberry pi called mini dexed. Could this run on Norns?? @okyeron


At least one (or both - are they the same?) of those versions is a “bare metal” implementation that is its own OS if you will - there’d be no way to run that “on-top” of norns - which is using a regular linux OS under the hood.


If someone would make a build for RasPi of the vst plugin, I suppose something like this could be used to concoct a norns engine (pushing the whole thing even further into Rube Goldberg teritorry :grin: ).

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fors just released glänta


Just made a shield board for the Minidexed project.
The Pi Pico is working as a USB midi converter so the Norns can control the Pi3B being used for Minidexed.
I now need to make a case for it to go with its friends.


Cheers! I’m just using the “AliEx special” 5102A one specified in the build guide.
Was going to lay out the codec on the shield but then found out that the codec IC is both out of stock and more expensive than getting the AliEx board, so that was that.
It’s attached to the underside of the PCB - in the photo the footprint outline is on the top of the board.

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No worries! You’re an Eagle user IIRC so my KiCad files would be useless, but let me know if you want them. Will probably sling them on Github anyway at some point.

The Pi Pico was due to the other host 2 host thing I have (the wonderful 2Host project) just wasn’t getting recognised by the Minidexed code. It works fine with other connections, but I had no luck with Minidexed. A cheapo Pi Pico running this code, with the UART lines wired straight to the GPIO pins of the Pi seems to work a treat anyway.

There’s no software debouncing of the encoder, so you might want to add some resistors and caps to stop it glitching about. I’d LOVE to have more knobs and buttons on this thing tho.