Folktek Resonant Garden!

Hi, I’m new in here but I hope to contribute to this forum (despite I’ve not so much experience in modular synths). I started this thread because I’m recently keeping an eye on the Folktek’s Resonant Garden and I want to know everything I need to know before to buy it. Any users in here?

Welcome! Well I’ve had mine for about a week. I haven’t been able to produce anything like the art you’ve likely heard in the videos but then I haven’t had too much quilty time to play around with it. Hopefully within a week or so I can post some samples to my SoundCloud so you can take a listen; I know examples are extremely sparse out there. In the meantime–anything specific you’d like to know?

Waiting for mine, I expected it about amonth ago.
Would love to hear what you do with it. You can ease my wait.

Oh I know that feeling. I ordered mine in late January and just got it about a weekish ago or so. The wait is excruciating but hang in there. I do have some straight recordings, just sound samples, that I can upload and post when I get home. It’ll be a bit.

Nothing special, just some sounds. This week I hope to really delve into it and produce something more resolute.


even in a raw state the folktek stuff has a real beauty.
Thanks for posting, more is always better.

I just want to know if it’s awesome as the Folktek’s vids show! I would like to use it for soundscapes and drones in my new lofi tape project…anyway your link it’s a nice example of the resonant garden, thank you for sharing it!

As a side note, this thread made me go to the Folktek website, pine for some various objects, then randomly see someone selling a used Mescaline which resulted in me buying it. So, now you owe me a bunch of money, @Leumann. :wink:


I wish people that made me GAS for gear owed me money everytime I’d buy something, would make my budget easier to manage :smiley:


I know that you’ll spread happiness all over the world with your new toy! Sooo, maybe, you owe me some money so I could finally buy my resonant garden :smiley:

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Well mine is finally coming…
I got tracking info!

Really loooking forward to having 3 alters and the springy wire things. To me the gas is worst between the time you pay and the time you get it to play with.
In any case I will love it for a least a week maybe more.

I hear you (and it). Between buying and getting, with such a long long long delay between the two, it becomes whatever you want in the interim. Imagination is the carrier wave of GAS. With the RG there’s such scant evidence of what it does and how it sounds online that imagination drives you into weird realms. Luckily, with the RG, once you get it, that same imagination STILL drives you into weird realms (only differece is you now have a vehicle to get you around those realms (no map thouugh)). You’ll love it.

It sounds good! Please let me know your first impressions with it because I’m really unsure about buyin it or not.
P.S.: I would like to listen to some sample sounds too… :wink:

Mine arrived this week, but I haven’t had any quality time with it yet. I’ll try to post here with a video (or audio at least) if/when I get a chance.


First track.
Long indulgent, lots of things I COULD HAVE done better but just communicating and hoping to hear back from you all. All one take, just let the recording roll.


I had mine for a couple of weeks and I really love it but… it produces an incredible amount of hiss, is that normal or is it only my unit?

Good question. Mine doesn’t really produce hiss unless I have the clocks turned counter-clockwise. Turning them left lowers the bitrate (and clocktime) and does introduce a bit of noise. Maybe that’s it? That’s only a guess.

Hmmm… I’ll perform some check, tonight, with clocks fully clockwise, but I’m talking about something much bigger than “a bit of noise” so…Thank you for the answer :smiley: