For people who are creating one-a-days, please link here:

started on a one thing a day journey:
sorry the text is only in Dutch at the moment.
i was really inspired by

anyone else here has a blog or one a day going on?

(here is the thread from the old forum:

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i did a one-song-every-day-for-a-year with a friend in 2010. we took turns each day, so every second day for us each. me as “253” and my friend as “kolthrast”
unfortunatley the 2010 project is offline at the moment.

we also did it again (put we were 4 people this time) in 2013.
right now we’re just using the soundcloud page as a kind of deposit for random stuff every now and then. if anyone would want to check it out it you can do it on soundcloud and scroll down about a year back until you see the songs beginning with different numbers.

(edit: is maybe a better place to get a better view of the material of 2013, but the last 50-ish songs aren’t posted there. anyway, easier to get an overlook.)

or if you want a lazy check on january 2013 you could check this playlist.

gonna try to do something like this again in the future. it was a bit painful sometimes, but i learned a LOT about making music and creativity and so on.

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