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Hi. Could I suggest we have a forum category for the modular monome gear discussions? I’d like to tune it out to manage my gear lust.


This is a very good point. I usually think of categories to find what I want, but you’re entirely right that it’s almost useful to tune things out (I always have the Trade section muted).

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+1 on this - seems quite a few topics in the tech section on new modular modules etc.

Im with declutter on this - Im trying desperately to avoid the temptation to jump into the eurorack money pit … so would love to tune this out.

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+1; there’s lots of modular topics cropping up in ‘general’ that really aren’t, and also are modular-that-is-not-monome-specific. I’m well aware I’m in part responsible for this, and I also understand they’re not of interest to everybody here. Filters are good when they respond to the way the forum appears to be being used (rather than hypothetical usage).

Agreed things have reached that point now. It might get a little sticky which things would be posted under ‘monome’ or ‘modular’, but it makes sense.

I like the idea that the bar for whether there should be a new a category is whether there’s enough noise that an uninterested party would want to hide that category.

Final point though - is ‘modular’ sufficient? perhaps ‘modular synth’? Trying to make sure the nomenclature makes sense to the uninitiated who are perhaps more likely to want to turn off this category than initiates.

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Maybe “Eurorack” ? All monome modules are in that format and should define the space well to new and old comers.

as broadly-reaching as most of the topics here are, i’d rather see a “general music gear” category. there are so many topics on this-or-that piece of music-making hardware, of which modular is just a portion.


I like the idea of separating “gear” from “tech”. ie: not mixing the acquisitive impulse with efforts to create new things.


or maybe “other gear” to denote all things non monome?

“nsfgas” (not save for people with the gear acquisition syndrome) :wink:


I like the idea of having a “general gear” category that would have user discussion/reviews

Then again, wouldn`t that ignore the motivation behind this thread, to filter out modular stuff?


Yeah I think the important thing is to categorize to allow users to curate the kinds of posts they’ll see. Are there users who would only want to see either ‘tech’ or ‘general gear’? I have a feeling they may have very similar audiences.

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Definitely think there is enough critical mass for a modular synth category, either because people want to search for it or mute it.

The issue about crossover with the monome category is a good point.

The other thing - it’s going to be a mighty pain in the ass to re-categorise all the relevant threads if that’s going to be part of the process :scream:

Although I started this discussion, I am now a hopeless case having started my own small eurorack system (4ms DLD based; it’s awesome but you don’t want to hear that if you are trying to avoid this)

However, if I was trying to avoid the conversation it would be ‘eurorack’ that I’d be avoiding - primarily the monome related eurorack but other stuff too.

I’m not that keen on making a distinction between eurorack and other modular formats, certainly in terms of a category on this forum.

I’ll admit this is in part down to prior experiences and my views on the modular synth scene in general. But, the reality is that 98% of modular talk is going to be related to the eurorack format anyway as that’s how life is with modular synths these days. You’d be hard pushed to find much discussion on other formats here.

[quote=“sandy, post:16, topic:983”]
I’m not that keen on making a distinction between eurorack and other modular formats, certainly in terms of a category on this forum.[/quote]agreed


whatever people decide on please make it a catch all

need a catch-all word, agreed.

i distain the word “gear” but is there a good equivalent?

would “tools” be too generic?
definitely catches a lot.

how about hardware?

20 characters.

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