Forum fine tuning

Posting seems to take about 30 seconds. Anyone else noticed this? Maybe outside US only?

hadnt noticed this issue

this is a test

edit: appeared instantly for me…mods may have more knowledge re the delays you’re experiencing

testing this from europe…

edit: appeared instantly

is it predictably taking 30 seconds each time?

currently this site is hosted on digitalocean with pretty minimal hardware (as it’s all that’s needed now). in the future i’ll increase the specs (and cost) and possibly look into a CDN if needed.

please keep me posted on how it’s working for you all, especially across the world.

testing the posting delay
edit : instant gratification :wink: (from france)

Hmm. Maybe just me then. Never mind.

And that just flew in. Nerp

testing this (my first post here) as i noticed in generalnthis forum slightly sluggish on my ipad.

actually posted instantly! :slight_smile:
(in US)

getting on the test wagon…

{edit} was instant (location NZ)

I’ve noticed that on android, if I hit the back key from inside a topic, the entire forum quits; I then have to hit forwards to return to the home page. I haven’t seen this behaviour with any other forum or website. No issues with speed though, that’s fine as far as I can see.

I’ve found the response on iOS a bit frustrating. Note I’m on iOS 4.0 which is perhaps ‘too old’?

  • Clicking the llllllll logo doesn’t take me to the homepage (just reloads the current thread).
  • Clicking Reply wouldn’t pop out the reply box to type into.

ios 4 is from 2010. built-in browser?

curious if these issues are present on a newer OS.

just updated

both functions work and i typed this from my phone (iOS 8.2)

its a bit wonky to edit from here tho

Oh I’m sorry - It’s iOS 6.0 on an iPhone 4. Using Safari.

Have been avoiding updating because all folks I know with this hardware say iOS 8 is far slower.

not sure its worth updating just for lines

i dont anticipate typing anything meaningful from mobile…but its nice to be able to read others posts and monitor the forum pulse away from home

one more test and first on the new forum
edit: seems to work well here as well

the status icon keep spinning endlessly while in this site.
ios 6. 3gs

purely for first post / testing purposes.

edit: and it was damn quick…

heads up that the private messaging system is very good on this new platform.

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