Frap Tools Usta

Yesterday, in Berlin, Simone Fabbri presented Usta, which is their circular sequencer (that borrows part of its appearance from the Buchla 250e), and Caterina Barbieri performed on it. Everything is so beautiful.


Nice performance.

Caterina also has an Excellent taste in jackets. :+1:


Such a good performance & sent me back to her last album too which is also superb.

Good use of demo time - quick whip around the functionality & a great performance. Bet it gets shared more than some of the other sessions :slight_smile:


yeah, this demo has led me to revisit her back catalogue while I am working. Born Again in the Voltage is so good, listening to Punctum now


Usta sounds super tempting. I’m not sure my brain is ready for a circular sequencer, but the 4x4 outputs is super desirable.

Does anybody know if the rack on the left* is her current one, i.e. the Frap Tools module is there permanently or only for the demo?

  • The one on the left, because I remember this case and most of the modules. However there was the DPO in the upper row instead of the Frap Toos Usta.

No idea, but the DPO is still there, she moved it below.

Aw, you’re right! I was almost sure she had a silver DPO, but I checked it and the DPO, a black one, is where it always was - in the bottom row. It is the ER-101 sequencer which was replaced with the Frap Tools module.

Usta has come out and I got one. I’ve put it in the Shared System for learning purposes. :grinning:

Here is Simone from Frap Tools demoing it yesterday at Martin Pas in Turin:


Very interested in your findings, especially in the context of make noise system and compared to René

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Me too! First question: Is it possible to shift a track in time in relation to the other tracks?

loopop has a nice overview/review:


I watched your Youtube video. “Reich” was the first thing I thought when Usta was announced. Excited to see what you can do with three or four phasing channels.

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Yes! Of course!

Here is the Piano Phase video that @joshuaandrew mentioned:

@rklem Check this:


That’s great too, but I wasn’t thinking of phasing, more of shifting a sequence by a quarter or whole note – and without external CV. Is that possible as well?

It might be possible, the manual is full of microtonal references, which I skipped altogether :grinning:

(There are 9 pages of preset scales in 12, 15, 19, 22, 24 tones per octave)

I mean shifting time by note values. :slight_smile:

No idea sorry. I’ve switched it on three times by now so I have explored only a fraction of what it can do.

Any idea if you can edit stages on a pattern other than the active one?

You can. There is a part of the display reserved for “see nn, play nn” where it shows what is currently playing vs. what you’re looking at/editing. The manual is very good. If you’re interested, you should definitely check it out.