Free/opensource software for simple photo editing and design?

Does it handle all the weird CMYK stuff you’re supposed to do with colour alignment and effective use of the black channel?

edit: or maybe that doesn’t mater with raster, it’s been ages since I did any of this stuff…

Yes that’s true, but seems like a bit of a hack to me.

In theory, if Scribus handles the conversion well, you could of course work with properly tagged RGB files (as long as you use a side gamut profile like AdobeRGB or better eciRGB v2). In my workflow I find that doing the conversion directly in the image editing program works better, because you have more control over it.

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AFAIK Krita does support CMYK. Do you have any experiences with that?

Reviving an old thread—

Does anyone have suggestions for free/cheap approachable software to add interesting image “effects”. I don’t know a whole lot about the visual world, but I’m imagining something where you could create image effect chains like with audio. I’m just looking to create interesting collages / manipulate photos I’ve taken for album art (nothing professional).

I found this site but the effects are pretty cheesy and don’t have a ton of parameters to manipulate:

The venerable DECIM8 mobile app is similar to Photomosh but has more parameters and variety.

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I know you didn’t ask but… its related!
a very handy free app for video tasks is Shutter Encoder

It does all the conversion between codecs you might need
but also handles lots of common tasks
eg I use ‘replace audio’ function for every vid:
drag & drop a video and new audio mix,
select ‘replace audio’ & output to whatever codecs you need!

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I’ve used photopea multiple times and it was much more satisfying than gimp
Can even be installed as a pwa
(browser based)