Fried grid?!

So I’m trying not to panic, but I’m very worried I just fried my grid.

I was trying to use it with my Teletype and pulled out the 5v adapter for the first time in a long time. When I plugged it in the top corner of the grid flashed as normal, but kept flashing like about 5 times before I unplugged it. I then switched to plugging it directly to Earthsea and whitewhale to check if it was still okay - but now it’s totally unresponsive, no leds are lighting up and button presses are not recognized by Earthsea. Has anyone seen anything like this? I’ve tried different usb cables but nothing has worked.

sounds like a bad connection (the restarts)

try moving the usb connector around, see if it causes connects.

then email info at monome for a quick repair if needed!

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