Friends - An Ambient Compilation



I’m super very hyper proud to share this new compilation with you that just came out on my label. It’s called ‘Friends’ and I believe it is something very special.

It started with a conversation I had with @fourhexagons months ago. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite many of our friends to form a compilation that basically plays like an album. Not just a bunch of various artists but a collective statement and a snapshot of our little ambient scene that is spread across the world, yet united by a common passion and (well) social media :slight_smile:

So we contacted a lot of our favorite artists and told them that the compilation would only happen, if most of them were on board - And all of them joined right away.

Today, this compilation is finally released and I couldn’t be more happy about it. It is available digitally and in a limited cassette edition, which will start shipping end of December / early January.

Here’s the official blurb, which sums up the project pretty nicely:
“This compilation was not made by various artists, it was made by friends. It is meant as a collective statement from our little ambient scene. Peaceful, dreamy and optimistic.”

Friends are:
Emily A. Sprague @stripes
Lightbath @fourhexagons
Scott Campbell @scttcmpbll
Jogging House @boboter
ann annie @annannie
ioflow @ioflow
r beny @rbeny


This looks wonderful. Congratulations and I’m glad I can have a listen now


Really really nice :blush:
Congrats on the release!


Thanks, guys. Super glad you like it.


What a fantastic idea for a tape! Some of my absolute favorites and biggest inspirations, and a couple of new names to dig deeper on. Great work by everyone involved. :slight_smile:


beautiful! talk about an all-star cast!


All the contributions here are fantastic. It really does flow like an album :black_heart:


Golly, this is absolutely lovely - well done to all those involved!


Many thanks for listening, supporting and the lovely comments. Much appreciated. :pray:


Picked up a tape! Many inspirations all in one place, just amazing.


WOAH! So many great artists on just one release?! cray.


Seil Records is typically high quality stuff… Last Night by Paperbark is fantastic, along with several others. I keep returning to these recordings, definitely looking forward to becoming familiar with (falling asleep to?) Friends (the sounds of)


Thank you all. We received such wonderful feedback so far. Absolutely amazing. :heart:


This is my new favorite thing ever. Brilliant collection of brilliant and talented people. Thank you for pulling this together!


Great collection of both artists and music - I picked up Friends yesterday then bought Piano Works by Hainbach (good to have you back), Last night by Paperback and Reasons to Live by Paperback and r beny today - I’m looking forward to an ammmmmbient Christmas


Thanks again for all the kind words. You can’t believe how much this means to me.

Thanks for all the orders. Once the tapes arrive at my place and are ready to ship, I will combine them and refund you the difference for the shipping costs.


sitting down and listening today, great stuff all around!

The bass-y, sort of underwater sounding piano really stuck out to me @annannie, I love the sound. Can I ask how you recorded/processed that?


it was recorded on a tape loop! no effects, just the dry signal!


Awesome! Have a friend who has been getting into making tape loops will have to give this a try.