Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

re: MIDI foot control, I’m a fan of the Line 6 FBV Express, though I haven’t tried using it with Norns yet.

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I am currently pondering over one of these:


seconding the minirig and the op-1. this has been my outdoor setup for quite a while.



Is it possible to adapt something like this to use it with norns?

norns has an hid class that needs a little cleaning up, so yes.

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I have one of these but haven’t tried it with Norns yet. Three switches and expression pedal input


If you want to make something similar from scratch, we did a tutorial for a CircuitPython-based USB HID foot controller using a Trinket M0 at Adafruit:

I’m planning to add the Trinket M0 to an existing foot switch, rather than 3D print one.

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Twin Sisters + the new 4MS pods make a great friend for Norns :slight_smile:


This thread inspired me to drag my dusty, corny old Yamaha PSS-270 back home from work to play with Norns this weekend. First session was a total blast.

For mics, I’ve been using my MixPre-3’s headphone out to interface with Norns, but I haven’t ventured outside yet…


korg minilogue, organelle, and nanokontrol for da sliderzzzzz.


Check out the Morningstar MC6 MK2. I don’t have one but am planning on getting one to use with my octatrack. Seems it may be a good solution for Norns as well


Please let us know how your experience is once you have one – I am always afraid that these type of footswitches generate too much clicking noise.

I’ll second the Logidy. If the mechanical noise isn’t a deal-breaker for you, it’s a great footswitch.

If the mechanical noise is too much, the KMM softstep is a good alternative, though a good bit bigger

20 characters of OP-1.


I had an organelle and now with norns+grid I want it back! I am also setting up my Expressive E Touche controller as well. Final piece to my small travel-friendly kit is the hopefully soon to be released Empress Effects Zoia modular FX unit.

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My norns is in the newest batch (hasn’t been shipped), but I’m anticipating Wurli-centric exploration.

Today it dawned on me that the music stand on this Model 120 makes a convenient perch for a grid! (I think that may be a similar Wurli in @marcus_fischer’s post above.) Can’t wait to experience this combination! :musical_keyboard:


Yes! Mine is the 140b and has the same little music stand. It is often in use as a grid or midi fader holder when I’m at the piano.
I love my wurli. It was a $40 goodwill score back in the late 1990’s. It for sure needs some servicing but I just haven’t gotten around to doing any of it.


The 120 has a tube amp inside, and mine is a little hummy - hence the first pedal. But it has a beautiful, kalimba-like tone. Eventually I’ll have it grounded and recapped, or will try to do it myself. $40! that was a find.

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Yeah I’ve looked at the kits from Vintage Vibe. Mine definitely could use some help in the hum department

How about mixers? Are USB mixers such as this supported by norns?