Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

right on, @andrew! do let us know when it’s posted.

it’s all there actually i forgot ! just waiting for some panels before I share it properly

i can answer questions through DMs if anyone wants in early :hugs: easy build and pretty darn affordable if DIY is yr kind of thing

(it’s actually a lightly modified design by @tehn )


Thats looks great @andrew :slight_smile:

oh i’m using firmware i grabbed from you ! another credit


And i grabbed the code from someone else!

Chain of code :slight_smile:


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For a plug-and-play norns to MIDI device, are people still recommending the iConnectivity mio2 as the most solid solution, or is there another product line I should also be looking at that will give me at least two MIDI out ports, plus the option to connect directly another host (Mac computer, elektron instrument, etc)?

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same question, but for Norns<–>Computer talk. Are the options basically two MIDI hubs, 2host, or some other purpose built box for host to host comms?

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only one midi out, but you can use multiples or midi thru in most cases. this works perfectly with my fates to octatrack & laptop (vcv rack/ableton), hardware synths, and my focusrite interface with midi in/out



$10 (prime)


The mio2 or a Roland UM-ONE mk2 are what I use for MIDI connectivity with norns. I’ve been happy with both and find them to be reliable. My biggest complaint with using the mio2 on norns is remembering which port is which when assigning them in the menu.

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got a few questions about the iConnectMIDI4+ recently, anybody have insights on how/whether its in-the-box MIDI routing between plugged-in devices works between norns and Ableton Live? I’m assuming there’s weirdness because of the zillion virtual ports…


Also the sevillasoft usb host thingy

2host-ii is in the works - plan to give it some hardware midi outs (1/8in and DIN options)


have you considered using a uC with two USB ports, instead of gluing together two uCs? (though i certainly appreciate the expediency of the latter)

there are several that have multiple OTG-comptaible ports, so can act like 2 devices, 2 hosts, or any combination. e.g. stm32f4x7. (in that case only one port can be high-speed, which is typical, but full-speed is 12 Mbps which is still far more than MIDI needs.)

it also seems a pity to use so much horsepower as a simple pipe. if you are interested, i’ve done some firmware prototyping on a device which can be reconfigured at runtime for <dev/host>/<dev/host> and for protocol transform selection (e.g. grid -> MIDI,) transform logic also being scriptable. but theres no way i would get this finished and out the door as hardware, without collaboration.


I haven’t explicitly tested norns, ableton, and ICM4+ but i don’t think you should have any issues outside of scratching your head a bit during setup. It’s designed to connect multiple USB MIDI hosts and multiple USB/DIN MIDI Devices together pretty seamlessly with lots of filtering/configuration options (use their older more fully featured software editor). As far as the virtual ports go, i found it confusing that they were pre-labeled, and pre-routed to specific places in the default configuration. In the end I found i didn’t need the added complexity of multiple virtual ports and just used a single port (port 1 or whatever it may be labeled) routed to (mostly) all devices so i could address things solely by their respective MIDI channels. I no longer have one to check, but there may be a way to disable unneeded virtual MIDI ports in case norns freaks out at being presented with so many.

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Are you using it with a computer?
On mac and ableton i got midi from norns trough the sevilla host device plugged into a usb port. All 4 ports show up fine on ableton.
Have also used the roland um one plugged directly from norns into the iconnectivity and no issues

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sorry, asking as a proxy – i’ve got a good thing going with UM-ONE :slight_smile:

I guess I’m really curious if the iConnectMIDI4+ allows folks to shuttle MIDI between hosts (specifically computer + norns) without any additional converters. their site mentions sending/receiving MIDI between three computers connected to the same box, but I wasn’t sure if that was possible through people’s experience integrating norns into the mix?

I had no problem sending MIDI bidirectionally between my macbook running Ableton and my iPad, both hosts.

thanks for the confirmation! sounds like it should be working fine. i wonder where things are getting hung up (either in the setup or actual data handling) once norns gets into the mix :confused:

if anybody has direct experience with ICM4+ and norns, please hmu! :revolving_hearts:

I’ve used a Roland UM-ONE mk2 with no issues. Recently got a midiglue box, and that’s been excellent on the MIDI mangling side of things, not so much when it comes to the firmware, which is a bit buggy (but it’s been receiving steady updates).

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Am I correct that the UM-ONE mk2 requires a driver for Mac (compared to the class compliant design of the Mio)? I know Roland does not have the best track record for keeping drivers updated.