Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

I just recently purchase a grids and i have yet to use it. And honestly doing so will help answer this question but some of the scripts I planned on using I found have real short sample times. I like to play with long samples and it’s really making me think if there’s just too much overlap between grids and an octatrack.

I also already have a morphagene for granular style sampling.

I’m considering selling the grids. Definitely going to give it a little time and love before selling but for people who do have an octatrack and grids where do you find grids working best in your workflow.

What I’ve loved about Norns are the looper scripts. Really a big part of how I make music now. So I’m not considering parting with my Norns at all but maybe the grids could be sold for something more useful.

Any insight would be appreciated :slight_smile:

silly question about the Norns and Hermod: is it possible to connect both via one of the usb cable directly or do I need a midi interface?
Thanks for the clarification

don’t have a hermod, but it has a usb host port so it should be able to communicate with norns without a midi interface.

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whats the easiest/best way to get Norns to external sync to midi or Modular clock? Tried a bunch of methods, but the only thing I seem to get working (and not that well) is NORNS<USB<CVPAL<MODULAR in clock mode. That at least allows me to sync the modular to the norns, but the tempo tracking on the modular (westlich performer) is pretty sloppy.

Any advice of how other people do it (yes a crow is on my list of things to get)


Ive never fooled with the performer. I did skim the manual: have you dug into the clock settings on the performer and or any PPQN settings or divisions? When reading it reminded me of the key step and its sync options.

Im sure someone here will square ya away!

Which ones? That will help us help you

I don’t have an OT or Morphagene but both are really capable samplers. Based on what I’ve seen, you don’t need the grid if you go deep enough with either of those (or a tandem setup).

However…if you have no plans to sell norns and love looping/sampler apps? I’d say you’ll regret the choice to sell someday. Try timber or cheat codes with a grid and then decide whether it’s worth keeping for additional depth of control

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I’m a long Octatrack user and i built my grid yesterday.
As far as im learning how to use it properly with my fates, they are really really different machines, which do very different things. AnD i still do have to learn how to use mlr or cheat codes properly

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Wanted to confirm what @2197 said – I have a Hermod, and I have it hooked up to the norns all the time via Hermod’s USB Device Port.

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Oh that sounds fun. What are you doing with the combo?

Yeah I think cheat codes is the one script I should really check out before selling.

I’ve used reels a lot. And now I’m using ooooo a lot. And neither required a grids but are still very playable.

The new cheat codes allows for 30 secs of sample time which better fits my style of sampling so I’m going to give it a go before selling.

The new update seems pretty deep


all sorts of stuff!

  • percussion triggers from Cyrene (or even just clock syncing while Cyrene plays the samples)
  • melodic sequencing from norns to hermod (Awake, Traffic, Fugu, Kria, Earthsea)
  • sequencing from hermod to norns (recorded performances via hermod’s midi in, or sequences from marbles/O&C/etc going into hermod’s CV ins), with norns running synths like Passersby or Molly the Poly etc
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Thanks for the confirmation, I will try it tomorrow :+1:

Thanks! This is quite a good news

see my post way up above for some of the supplies…
but…the best way i sync all of my norns is with a mio for USB to MIDI I/O.
for my modular i use a Pittsburgh Modular MIDI 3.
i send sync from one source to everything i use with a MIDI splitter.

usually i use a Cirklon but depending on the noiz circuit i might use an e-rm MIDIclock or if using the Mac i’ll just split that clock to everything.

hope that helps!

I’m considering getting Norns+Grids if the stock doesn’t go immediately (a bit of juggling with money to be had before purchase), so I’m wondering about midi configuration. I have RME Fireface UFX, Octatrack and Poly 2 in my modular, and I would want something that would allow me to clock both OT and Norns, and flexibly allow me to juggle midi between the devices. OT to Norns, OT to the modular, Norns to the modular, etc. No real need for midi from my pc to the machines and nice versa, but that’d be a plus. Clocking is my main concern to be honest, I don’t use Ableton so Link is out of the question and I’d rather get a midi interface that would deal with master clock from my pc to both din and usb midi, as multiple (as in both my interface and Norns via usb) is often a bit funky. So what would be the ideal midi solution, preferably with room to grow?

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Hooked up an Akai MIDIMix to my Norns Shield today and got lost for an hour or so tinkering with oooooo. One small change in the Akai Editor and everything mapped beautifully! :grin:

you could get a midihub or a mioxm, or look for a secondhand 80s/90s rack midi router like the akai me30p or roland a-880. i have an akai in my studio and it works great. flexible routing, but it doesn’t merge midi (you can only send one out to a given midi in, but of course you can send a single out to multiple ins). depending on what you get, you might also need a small usb-midi interface for the norns.

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Hey all,

I recently got these sensors ( which map an acoustic drum into a midi controller and have been toying with the idea of integrating a norn into the setup. I’m a primarily a jazz dummer and have no experience with electronic instruments so I’m not quite sure how it would interact with the sensors software, but I can send the sensor signal to logic so I’m assuming that it should work with a norn. I really don’t know what my options are for how the two could interact, but I like the idea of giving the electronic side some elements of improvisation for me to play off of or being able to shape macro phrases with effects. Any advice as to where to go would be welcome even if it seems simple or obvious, I’m good with computers and have minor tech knowledge but synths and midi scare me… lol.


Judging from the video on the homepage it looks as if you have to run the mapping software on a “real” computer but you could easily route the midi out into your norns from that. I don’t think there’s any escaping having the mapper run on a different computer though… At least not without rewriting the software :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Gotcha, just because I’m paranoid at buying the wrong thing what would you recommend to connect the Norns and the computer? Or should I run a line out from the interface to the Norns? Sorry for the basic question spam, money is tight and I want to make sure I get the right thing and am very new to midi; the help is very appreciated :slight_smile: