Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

I have one too that I’d like to work if I can be of any assistance.

I chatted with @Justmat earlier and we tried a few things.

It shows up in /dev/snd as you’d expect.

amidi -l shows the device - but only as input (dunno if that’s weird or not)

I’m thinking something might be going wrong in norns device discovery because it’s a composite device.

Maybe, but for other devices with multiple ports, we do show all the ports. It’s weird that nothing is appearing in device menu

Input - yes

Well anyway - this weekend Ive got time booked for the device management tasks that we’ve discussed lately. Next wknd Ill try and look at this guy. Pedal controllers are great with norns…


Thanks for taking this on @zebra, @Justmat + @okyeron


I have a couple of the Audiofront ME devices. The simplest one, show on the top left of their front page, can be used inline with a TRS cable, along with your choice of a double footswitch (if needed), or one expression pedal. Comes preconfigured to send specific midi CC but there’s a great iOS config app available which gives it a lot more flexibility; Midi Notes, CC variable smoothing on CC parameter changes etc. Works great with my recent Norns Shield arrival.

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ok, my Tl/DR verdict on the UMI3 by “logidy”

  • on windows and macOS, the UMI3 appears to only be happy with supply voltage on the top end of the USB spec (which calls for 5V +/-5%). this means i couldn’t get it to work on any system / any OS with a passive hub. (for reference, my factory norns measures 4.97V - 4.99V on all ports.)

  • on linux, i cannot get it to work on any system even when supplying 5.13V. it gives ALSA indigestion and i can only surmise that this is a firmware bug.

  • it’s a little goofy that they are using the VID from a seemingly arbitrary other manufacturer.

  • opening the box, i see some issues:

    • design: no power regulation whatsoever
    • assembly/QC: some highly questionable through-hole and free-wire soldering
    • “dick move”: painting over the microprocessor to make it un-diagnosable

so on the whole, i would avoid this company’s products, and am considering replacing the (sub-par) PCB on this unit with a teensy LC (or sure, whatever uC, but I seem to have a lot of those) so that i can give a more usable device back to the friend who lent it to me. (the switches and enclosure are fine, not cheep.)

if i had purchased the thing it would be a no-brainer refund.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

BTW: i’ve heard nothing but good things about the Audiofront devices, which several people have been happily using with norns. a footswitch controller is also a very simple DIY project if that appeals to you.


Thanks Ezra.
If you do go the teensy route I’d love to see what you did.

the teensy idea seems golden. thank you for looking into this, @zebra! :smiley:

@marcus_fischer Maybe I need to send you my 3d-printed double footswitch - or make you a single one. (I have a couple prototypes sitting around doing nothing) :grin:

FWIW - for this type of “fairly simple” project, an Adafruit QtPy ($6) is a cheaper option. An RasPi Pico RP2040 is cheaper yet ($4) although a bit larger than the QtPy.

cvpal and stereo to mono converters for norns shield DIY.
in mini DV cassette case.


this is beautiful, ty for sharing:)

ST Modular will soon release a DIY remake of the MI CVpal (MIDI to CV converter). I think my Norns will be happy about it too.


I’d like to say that the Zoom H5 field recorder is a partial great friend of Norns Shield.

With the Connect-OPZ script, Norns Shield USB will send audio to the H5 without any latency, and with much reduced noise levels (for me anyway, it would be good if anyone else could test this too). It worked instantly.

This also means being able to mix in with Norns another four audio sources, or surrounding ambient noise, depending on choice of capsule, via the Zoom’s pre amps. The H5 also has two stereo outputs - a headphone out and a line out.

Its a great combination! :slight_smile:


any idea when the CV Bench will be available?

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Pico can be a bit smaller after chopping off the tail :slight_smile:


Do you use the same code or …?

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Stefan (ST Modular) just said “soon” on Instagram

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After an announcement of new modules it usually takes only a few weeks until you can buy the ST Modular PCBs and panels at


Anybody try a USB mic with norns?

Could be worth it?


Wait, what? Would the Tula even work as a USB mic with Norns?
I just got a Tula and would like to know.