Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

Someone mentioned being able to send midi to their digitone via the USB cable today. It might work if the Summit can receive MIDI over USB?

Just saw this in the Tech Specs for the Summit

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I don’t know about Summit, but MIDI over USB is the way to send and receive MIDI on norns. I use it every day with OP-Z and both directions work very well on the same cable.


Got it working one way (Norns is sending midi) but not the other. Any thoughts?

Did you setup the midi devices on norns? It doesn’t catch everything, unless you setup it up for that specific device.

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System → devices → summit

I’m not aware of a way to designate in/out, but it’s only giving me out.

I don’t know anything about Summit (or what it even is), but may i suggest the helpful MIDI monitor for norns. If the Summit is sending MIDI, and the cabling is in check (sending MIDI the other way means it is), MIDI monitor will help you see what norns sees. These MIDI messages them need to find their way into various norns programs. Sending on channel 1 is usually the best idea.


this is great, thanks! confirmed Norns is receiving Midi from the summit and this is just an issue in the script (which I will go ahead and hunt down now).

Thanks so much for the hands, y’all!


I use one of these . . .

. . . which works very well for hitting record, or anything else for that matter.


“norns is really GNU/*nix with an itsy bitsy screen” experiments continue with a little afternoon break from work.

A micro:bit compass heading drives Bastl Kastle timbre modulation, plus tiny visuals. Livecoded on-device on Micropython from norns. A MIDI→Kastle is easily within reach, and norns parameters→Kastle and a whole lot of other things.


New best friend of norns! Is a cheap chinese multieffect pedal, but for me using an electric bass with norns is a blessing, even for the gain alone. The fx on it are cheesy, delay usable, chorus good, bad reverb.
Built in battery, is made of metal, works as a soundcard, is definetely sturdy and portable.


This looks interesting and seem to me in line with Norns / Grid design.

Someone have experience with any variation of the thing?


i have a smaller, 6 key keyboard like this!

works great for triggering teletype scripts. i haven’t used it with norns yet, but hard to go wrong with extra buttons :cowboy_hat_face:


Nice setup! The extra buttons would indeed be welcomed. Now I need to familiarize myself with the HID options available with Norns.

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also… most of those macropads can probably be configured to be MIDI keys instead of HID.


I expect you have that D12 mapped to params too :game_die::game_die:


I am wondering if a grid clone but mechanical keys with backlighting will be a fun thing to use:)


Two friendly devices for midi usb shenanigans are:

  1. Midihub by Blokas
  2. The NDLR

Midihub is really useful to routing and manipulating midi signals to and from synths and controllers.

The NDLR is great for midi sequencing with pad, drone and 2 motifs which can all be set to different channels.


TidalCycles on norns :cyclone:


I just came across an old Peavey 1600x, 16 midi faders, CV out etc . . . has anyone had any success using one with Norns ?

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From the Sorting out Norns scripts on the device into folders/categories? thread

And myself

When sorting in folders means actual folders not computer folders :slight_smile: Anyone else?

I really enjoy pen+papering, getting offscreen and arrows and annotations and doodles and that kinds of good things. I wrote the NTS-1 MIDI implementation chart down for convenience, and should tabulate the NISP functions. Sketching the first UI screen of a norns script is a superb memory device for remembering which one is which as their numbers grow.