Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

I expect you have that D12 mapped to params too :game_die::game_die:


I am wondering if a grid clone but mechanical keys with backlighting will be a fun thing to use:)


Two friendly devices for midi usb shenanigans are:

  1. Midihub by Blokas
  2. The NDLR

Midihub is really useful to routing and manipulating midi signals to and from synths and controllers.

The NDLR is great for midi sequencing with pad, drone and 2 motifs which can all be set to different channels.


TidalCycles on norns :cyclone:


I just came across an old Peavey 1600x, 16 midi faders, CV out etc . . . has anyone had any success using one with Norns ?

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From the Sorting out Norns scripts on the device into folders/categories? thread

And myself

When sorting in folders means actual folders not computer folders :slight_smile: Anyone else?

I really enjoy pen+papering, getting offscreen and arrows and annotations and doodles and that kinds of good things. I wrote the NTS-1 MIDI implementation chart down for convenience, and should tabulate the NISP functions. Sketching the first UI screen of a norns script is a superb memory device for remembering which one is which as their numbers grow.


Any USB MIDI to DIN MIDI interface recommend? Thinking of norns as sequencer.

@vinc I use this USB MIDI cable to connect a Keystep to my Norns Shield so I can play the sounds in mx.samples.

Worked straight out of the package, no setting up needed - and not too pricey!

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Couldn’t you just play norns with keystep over a regular usb cable?


@Oootini I don’t know, I haven’t tried. I suppose so! I’ll see if I have a micro-USB to USB-A cable and give that a try.

But OP was asking for a USB MIDI to DIN MIDI interface - the cable I linked seems (to me) to match that description, and I know it works!

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Yeah what @Helen suggested should work fine. Same pasta different shape… this has worked perfectly for me. @vinc

@xmacex :small_red_triangle_down:

LEGO’s! Facepalm moment. lol. Been thinking of a fun way to prop the Norns up and yet LEGO’s completely escaped me. NICE.

Hell yes to the tidal cycles running also!!!

Seeing tidal cycles made me think of a non meat space buddy of mine. Daniel M Karlsson. Wizard and for years upon years was an audio “beeple” of sorts to me. Releasing things every single day for ages.


I use one of these, to sequence my hydrasynth

Has the added bonus of being dual midi din, so two things can be sequenced

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Isn’t one of the DIN plugs a MIDI-IN plug here?

They can both function as in, or out.


does Shnth work with norns? :slight_smile:

It sure does. Have you checked THIS out?

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Aaah thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Are you planning on rolling this out as a script or does it require a lot of hacking to get running on norns?

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There is hacking (well, what counts as “hacking” but…) involved, but i will definitely document the procedure here on llllines once i get it nailed down for myself. There is quite a number of steps involved, first allowing SuperCollider to accept more connections, having a norns script which doesn’t redraw the screen for console access, mapping the consoles to framebuffer, logging in, changing console settings, Emacs setup, bringing down norns to free memory for the tidal Haskell library compilation, and also SuperDirt :exploding_head: And it still doesn’t always work. But when it does, it’s ravetime :keyboard:

Getting to SuperCollider livecoding is quite a stable procedure once the groundwork is done, TidalCycles isn’t. I’ll need the documents for myself, and of course for the benefit of others who might be up for this kind of fun.


I notice that the TidalCycles team are sponsoring a Google summer of code project to “work on a binary distribution of Tidal and its API”. If that turns out well hopefully some of the installation pain might go away :crossed_fingers:.