Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

how do I find cables with those specs, please? <=24AWG


I just got a little USB Microphone like this to use as an audio input with the AutoJack-Mod, unfortunaley it pics ups some electronic noise which it doesnt do on my laptop…

It would be a really great friend otherwise :smiley:


Woah, I love it! Let us know if you decide to do a production run. It looks like just the thing I’d need to actually use my Norns more. How did you get around the high power requirements for Norns? Beefy power supply or some custom power delivery circuits?

I think clicky encoders are a smart way to go. I’ve had so many pieces of gear with smooth endless encoders and not one has had a consistent feel between knobs or even consistent response from the same knob.


Will do! Indexed knobs give a nice feedback but they are also slightly noisy which might or might not be a distraction in your studio setup.


Hey, I’ve developed a DIY midi controller-filter-router that is a perfect companion for my norns shield.
Have a look to this topic, maybe you’ll find interesting…


I added this Sony voice recorder (ux570) for a smaller option and partner to my Zoom H6 and I’m pretty happy with it. Not very sensitive but that means very little noise. I used it to feed acoustic guitar intro MLR and it sounds great.


Can the norns shield make use of an external battery or have a rechargeable battery attached to it?
Edit : which one would you recommend

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hey, yes it can. check out this thread: Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc
you can search the thread for “battery” and you’ll find a lot of discussion and recommendation about different battery packs for norns.

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Yep! Can you share how these are connected? It seems like the muro is all centered but I assume you are running midi version? Does this device still hold your interest? Thanks for the video!

The Neon Egg Planetarium 2 pedal will be meeting, greeting, and befriending Norns Shield this weekend.

I absolutely love this pedal!

Reverb + chorus, into echo, and then into a compressor with external sidechain. Stereo in/out. Sidechain thru output too, all in an MS20 style encloser, like a tiny console :slight_smile:



Does anybody know if the first generation of Palette Gear modules will work with Norns?

I’d like something with maybe two or three buttons and a couple of faders.

Any info is greatly appreciated! Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile:

I don’t know them, but as long as they send midi data, they should work!

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I just wanted to give a tried and tested mini rig rundown…I got very lucky getting these all right first try… alL off Amazon …who I try not to use at the best of times

But where , in this cate they were only option.

The power bank lasts for aaaaaggees and can power the norns, with a korg NTS and grid hanging off norns own usb ports…with the NTS audio Infront of it (it’s noisy if placed after it) all on usb power output one

Then on usb power output 2 I bought the little dongle that really works at making grounding issues go away… Then into that little mini mixer.

All in all I get touch channels of inputs into the korg NTS for FX …into the norns with a grid…all near silent on headphones…I am very pleased with this.


That looks like a really interesting little mixer, looking for it means I saw there is a 6 channel version too - Ultra Low-Noise 6 Channel Line Mixer for Sub-Mixing, DC 5V | Reverb

Do you have a link/more details on this magical dongle please? :slight_smile:


sure…i wasnt sure what the local rules where on links to items…im in no way affiliated btw, i just paid up and got lucky :slight_smile:

The Ground loop eliminator is here…

this is the mini mixer

and this is the battery

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I love those cheap lil moukey mixers. They are of surprisingly good quality. I also have their headphone amplifier, which seems to have a similar build and circuitry, the difference being one stereo in and four stereo outs, which works great as an audio splitter. Both make an excellent pair for a small portable live setup.


Evening folks, has anyone got any experience using blooper alongside norns? I’m torn between one of them or buying back my echosystem. My worry with blooper is that it could become pretty insignifigant because of all the amazing creative loopers I already have on norns. Any insight would be grand thanks :slight_smile:

I have both. I’d say given the fact that the blooper is a mono pedal, it makes the most sense to use it with a mono instrument like a guitar or mono output synth, but if that’s what you’re using it for, then it also makes sense to have an expression pedal and some other kind of pedal for triggering record and playback. If you’re trying to loop to an external clock, then something like a midibox would be needed as well. Without those additions, the blooper honestly feels a little confused about what or who it’s supposed to be for- I would love it so much more if it was a proper desktop unit with stereo inputs/outputs, midi and cv in/out, and buttons instead of foot switches. I still really like it for what it is though. It’s a quality piece of gear, fun to use and has a fairly simple and focused workflow, but it isn’t essential for me.

On the other hand, my relationship with the Norns has continued to open up. It’s such an awesome swiss army knife for sound design, audio manipulation, synthesis and sequencing. But going back to your initial question, it really boils down to- what are you wanting to capture as loops (what would you be sending into the blooper? Is retaining a stereo signal important to you or are you fine with mono? Do you get inspired by focused, limited pieces of gear?

Anyways, hope my rambling is helpful in sone way.!


Anyone using one of these cables?:

SparkFun Cerberus USB Hub Cable 6ft – Pimoroni

Thinking of grabbing one for norns, shield and older grid.

Looks useful, having a hub too is helpful.