Friends of norns: gear, accessories, etc

How about mixers? Are USB mixers such as this supported by norns?

I think the challenging side would be the fact this is an audio interface. Don’t know how easy / sensible it is to switch audio interface.
Musicians and engineers can plug the MultiMix 8 USB FX’s class-compliant USB connection into their Mac or PC without installing any software drivers and enjoy a digital-direct stereo connection with virtually any audio software application.

What you are are looking for is class compliance. So yes - it does work, but you will have to hack it into the Linux audio server jack.
The MultiMix 8 USB FX enables bidirectional stereo signal, so musicians can record the stereo Main output into their computer and listen back using the mixer as an interface from software to headphones and monitoring loudspeakers.

But audio only seems to be stereo… so you could just take any mixer and plug in the analog ins and outs of norns into it.

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this thing in the 4-sec infinitely over-dubbable looper mode is super useful for playing an instrument into mlr. I’ll use it to loop a phrase out of time with the set loop in mlr to create constant movement in the rhythms. Another thing I’ll do is let a loop go so that I can stop playing to adjust parameters (but not have silence). The dubbing is momentary, which I personally like better than the click once to start once to stop. These can be found used for 30-60 USD, highly recommended!


Well it isn’t portable but I’m happy to confirm I got these 2 to play nice thanks to an iConnectivity mio. Haven’t tried live sampling with the OT yet, but I already appreciate Norns as a synth way more after hooking up an external sequencer. The only thing I don’t like about Norns is it’s making the rest of my gear look ugly.


Here is a port of the Grid sequencer Quence for the Midi Fighter Twister. MFTwister is a high quality MIDI controller that can be used with Norns and is a little more than 25% the cost of a Grid.

MIDI from the sequencer is output to three piano instruments (Kontakt’s Grandeur) in Ableton. The original random sequence is transposed, shifted and improvised on over the three tracks.


Would the CV.OCD be a good desktop option for using Norns to sequence an external synth (Bugbrand Synthvoice in my case, so plus converter box too)? Sorry, I’ve never done anything at all with midi, so a bit confused.

I can recommend the CV.OCD. I’ve tested using it with Norns to do things like filter modulation on my Behringer Neutron (via the patch bay), but you could also use it to send a V/OCT sequence to patch points on the Bugbrand. The software utility for changing the mappings on the CV.OCD is a kind of a pain, but once you get the hang of it…

You’ll also need a MIDI interface, like the Creative EMU to connect Norns to the CV.OCD.


Came across this yesterday and thought it might be a nice friend. Bus- or battery-powered, midi over usb, small, affordable, sounds alright too. Anyone ordered one or had a listen in person?

Fav patch from the review for me is around 11:29

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I backed it on kickstarter (actually I bought twenty (yes, twenty!) of them for a group buy we did on an italian synthesizer-themed facebook group, Synth Cafe) and I’ve used it in the weekend, and if you think its price is about a Volca and a half, it’s astounding. This is a real synth. I think I’d prefer this one to a Minilogue. The mini is analog but this one has a much wider range of sounds, and has a really comprehensive mod matrix, arp, sequencer. It’s fiddly at times but you can figure most of it without the manual. Impressed.

I haven’t tried it with norns yet, but yes, my plan is to use it as a partner of norns.


Wow, twenty! Nice! Any chance you’ve had a look at the editor on iOS? I’m thinking of an ultra portable setup of norns, Skulpt and an iPad.

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I’ve tried it on the mac (it’s on the Mac App Store) and it’s totally awesome! I bet on the iPad it’s the same interface.

I’ve been using an Alesis Q25 with norns and it seems to work pretty well so far as a midi keyboard.

@ceedotgeedot - I have a Korg SQ-1, but haven’t experimented with it yet. Seems like it could be a simpler USB midi to CV option.


Thanks! I’ve been considering an SQ-1 just because a sub-$100 sequencer sounds fun. I’ve got a CV.OCD in route though, so hopefully it’s not too much for me.

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Curious to know if anyone tried a Looptimus mini (or the original) with Norns. Looks like a simple and nice foot switch/controller

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20 characters of Moog Minitaur!

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What synth(s) on the Norns. I’m thinking about doing the same.

Just consumed myself a midifighter 3d :confused: at black friday discount. Looking forward to jamming out with a little battery powered finger-drumming ack box though.


So far I’ve only done a quick test with Molly the Polly and Passersby, mainly just using the OT arpeggiator. I need to try out parameter locking Norns synth params from the OT, just been focused on other things… still figuring out where Norns fits into my overall workflow.

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oh wow YES. That is definitely going on my experiment list this week

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