Friends of norns



So I had a play last night with hello ack triggered by the midifighter 3d. Which works as expected! Button mashing sample triggering goodness. Just a little time consuming selecting the note value of each sample (and working out what note value the midifighter is putting out). Unfortunately I haven’t yet got the tilt or side buttons to have any effect as they are on different channels to the note triggers, but I suspect a little Lua tweaking will get those working too, which could be fun for delay sends or filter sweepin. :broom:


Roland Um One mk2 seems to plug and play (Norns > Um One > Yarns).


This 6 input midi footswitch hub might be useful for norns.


Op-1 and iPad right now. The iPad has a surprisingly amount of effect options to use after recording Norns for Norns and the op-1


Can confirm that the Elektron Digitakt MIDI syncs via USB both ways! No need for a MIDI to USB adapter. :smiley:


Ughhhh wishing more and more that I got a digitakt instead of the octatrack everyday


Love my digitakt such a powerful little machine.


does anyone know if the digitone is similarly capable? I always have a hard time keeping track of what Elektron enables on each box.


Digitine is plug and play usb midi with my iPad. Would imagine it’s similar w/Norns.


I’m imagining some kind of Elektron kalimba with parameter locking :slight_smile:

thanks for the info!


Was it fat fingers or autocorrect? The world may never know.


Whoa! eRecorder electronic wind instrument with USB out. This could make an amazing companion to norns.


Just tried Norns + Skulpt, and the combo works great. Norns powers the Skulpt and the Skulpt works as a midi controller with a single USB cable. No external power needed.

So yes, I just discovered the Skulpt is a fantastic portable MIDI controller in addition to being an excellent synth in its own right. (Agreeing that at its price point of $300, it’s incredibly full featured, and sonically it blows Volcas and Refaces out of the water.)


Is the eRecorder USB audio or USB MIDI? Or both?

Very exciting. But also more than a bit pricey.


USB MIDI Out only I believe. Though there is an analog CV converter as well built in. It’s pricey but boutique which I’m fine with. The amount of development time for this instrument is insane. It’s been in development for about 7 years so power to them to charge what they need to.


I missed the built-in CV converter.


I’ve been seeing so much amazing Norns > Midi > Euro action lately, and I’m curious what kind of device people are using to get Norns and Ansible talking to one another.

Approaching: norns

Kenton Killamix appears to plug n play…


Is anyone using a softstep with Norns? Or have a recommendation on a foot controller? Considering adding one to my setup to help with things like punch in/out with loops or a convenient control for modulation


Digitone is plug and play as well. It’s been a go to for me with any of the scripts that do midi out