Friends of norns



The battery powered Onde resonator seems a nice pairing.

(that being the piano soundboard looking object. the pyramid shown is not battery powered)


Got the Nakedboards MC-24 in the mail this past week. Works pretty well with Norns and has a beautiful white acrylic + minimalist aesthetic that goes well with my monome gear and op-1. Took a while to get here since it ships from Russia (over a month with the holidays). For $99, it’s hard to beat (24 knobs). Tested it out with Glut since there are quite a few parameters to adjust there. :+1:

Also got the 8 fader MC-8, but I’ll be selling that when I get a 16n faderbank.

BTW, the new versions of these now have a mini-jack to midi din out, dongle included, so they are even more of a great value.


this would make a great friend!!


Yeah, I would love to run that into Norns running MLR. Volca FM would be fun too and form factor + battery power is nice.


i’m picturing norns mlr, volca modular, ipad ( running samplr, audulus, patterning, borderlands ) would be an amazing portable setup. cant wait!! also been contemplating an op-1


unlikely friends


Cranes, mlr, etc. = !!!


Dude I’ve been looking for this exact thing for a while. A kalimba with a line out .


i have another kalimba with a line out and the one from the link above is way better and lots cheaper!


@instantjuggler what’s going on in the background there?


I think he is working out a new routine under a fold up bed :thinking:


Bed spring reverb. Folks Il be here all night .


op-z dmx lights in the lower right hand corner of the photo!

as for the bed… that’s waiting for you here in my guest bedroom in vegas!!!


Any chance you’d share some links/info for your OPZ dmx light setup? Those look like the ones from their demo. My journey into figuring out lowest cost dmx set up wasn’t super appealing.


I just took delivery of one of these kalimbas, and wowee! It’s so clean and loud! very impressive for the price


Morph has already proven to be a great potential friend of Norns but this is seriously tempting me to pick up a Morph…


Nanokontrol 2 plays well with mlr


NAMM gas: Red Panda Particle (new stereo version) and Srtymon Volante are top of the list for the dual norns!


Ooh! Missed that.

[runs to internet]


DIY kalimba with piezo!

The keys are street sweeper bristles, once you start seeing them on the street you can’t stop :slight_smile: