Frozen Norns Shield HELP!

Hello. I did a system update to my Norns Shield, and as I was waiting for it to finish, it said to turn off power once the not red LED stops blinking. Well I guess I prematurely unplugged the power, and now once it’s turned back on, it stays frozen on the home screen. None of the K buttons are responding, nothing. I tried the button sequence suggested on the maiden site, but nothing. I’m not good with code so if anyone has an idea of what to do please help. Thanks.

hi geoff! i followed up via email, but maybe it got lost?

this is an odd situation. there’s a chance that the SD card’s installation of the norns system has become a little wonky – but you can reinstall it!

if your shield is connecting to WIFI, but just isn’t functioning otherwise, you can back up your data via these steps: help | monome/docs

here are the steps for a fresh install: help | monome/docs. the process shown in this video (around 4:15) details what it’s like to use the Etcher software to reinstall the norns system on your SD card – even though this video focuses on a stock norns, this software section is pretty close to what you’d do with a shield:

let me know where you run into trouble and i’ll be happy to help either here or through our email chain :slight_smile: