FS, Los Angeles: mpc 1000 very upgraded


excellent condition. shipping usa only. $750 obo
this thing is so much fun and really easy to learn, especially with the large lcd - but i have a really tiny studio and it’s not getting enough use to justify the desk space :slight_smile:

upgrades installed:
mpcstuff pad fix upgrade
black metal front panel and black knobs, jog wheel, memory slot, buttons, etc.
knurled volume & record knobs
polished walnut side panels
XLCD screen (white)
right side pcb with upgraded jog wheel encoder
256mb ram upgrade
JJOS 128XL (128SP currently installed)


  • the right side wood panel is ever so slightly loose. you won’t notice it unless you’re holding it by the sides.

  • the custom knurled vol/rec knobs have to be set at just the right height to not rub. i adjusted them and they are smooth.

  • after replacing the right side pcb i noticed that the “16 levels” button doesn’t have quite as much travel as the others. it still makes a “click” when you press it and is totally functional. just feels a little different. i’m guessing the button cap needs to be shifted slightly, but i didn’t want to open it back up as it works fine.

  • the compact flash card slot has a bit of friction when you try to eject the card. it still comes out, but it takes a sec.

  • i cut a sheet of corrective orange lighting gel and put it on the XLCD because that thing was a blue light nightmare! it’s non-permanent if you want to remove it.

    original screen
    spare phones / foot switch / memory card pcb
    original (functional) right hand pcb
    extra key caps
    16gb flash card and reader


edited for lower price. open to offers :slight_smile:



going to ebay sooooon…


bumping this again… make me an offer :slight_smile: