FS: Tons of audio/video modules/equipment


All prices include shipping (US).


LZX - Triple Video Fader & Key Generator - $325 * hold
LZX - Video Logic - $115
LZX - Cyclops - $125
LZX - 8 Stage Quantizer and Sequencer - $325
LZX - Colorspace Mapper - $225

Intellijel Planar - $325
Ornament And Crime with greyscale style panel - $150
4MS - PEG v1.0.3 - $150

Yamaha - TG33 - $275


I was the original owner of this system and I’ll vouch for samn.

This was the last remaining isms system for sale on the monome website, and I bought it around this time last year when I was bit by the euro bug. I kept it in perfect condition and gave it to samn that way. So you might as well be buying from the original owner :slight_smile:


Bump - price drops on all items


interested in those frap tools 42hp fellas… do they come with wood sides?


no sides unfortunately


Very interested in the ES-8 & possibly uBraids!!


Interested in the arc!


Bump had some sales - ISMS is back up


Is the ism still for sale with the grid ?
Are the software versions for the modules already updated ? I am seriously interested. Thank you


Hello, please private message me if you are seriously interested. Everything is up to date except I have not installed the latest teletype build. Installation is very easy.


Please send current price and details. Thank you


moving more stuff, ISMS price drop


Why is this still for sale? Is it the price? May I ask How much was that package when it was first released?


interested in the ISMS system if it’s still available. sent you a pm.


Dibs on the Elements. Info sent! Thanks!


Bunch of stuff sold, ISMS out grid up!


Did the ISMS sell? Kept an eye on this one. :slight_smile:


Yep, it sold :slight_smile: price drops!


Updated pricing, added TG33 and Deluge


How many u and hp in the monster case? Do you have a picture?