FS(US): 2hp OSC, quantum rainbow (v1)


includes US shipping, PP fees yr side.

2hp OSC (some rash): 100
Telharmonic (like new): 265
SSF Quantum Rainbow v1 (fair): 60





majesty incarnate.


here for the animal pics.




Curious as to why you’re selling it. I’ve been looking around at envelop gens and vactrols and didnt see many alternatives in that much hp.


This is actually a great point – I might have been too hasty. Honestly, I just have the Mannequins itch and wanted to fund another Mangrove while keeping 3U 104hp. But it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to replace an LPG and Envelope module with a voice, even if that voice does have an internal VCA capability. You’ve saved the day! This is now a thread just for Bongos!


New module, new bongo!

Dixie II+ in excellent shape, $183 shipped (US).
Excellent tracking, works as utility LFO and VCO. Six waveforms, FM, PWM! Someone try to talk me out of it, but dude doesn’t have space and dude has an almost Draconian commitment to staying in a 104hp case.


you’re mad. I use my dixie in almost every patch. :smiley:


I’m a monster, I know. Recently swapped it for a 2hp OSC and the underutilization of a straightforward sine matches up with the needs in this iteration.


Dixie sold, bump for 2013 walnut varibright 128 grid


If the monome is still available I’ll take it.


grid sold. nothing to see here…




we’re baaaaaaaack…Optomix Rev 2 FS up top! 175 shipped! pretty much new! will trade + cash for ansible!


I really would like to replace my rev 1 someday

I really made better sounding patches with a maths, dpo, opto, peaks and an es3 so don’t change :v:t2:


pains me, but BAM bump!


and fare thee well, little buddy. DAMn.


This thread is making me want to open a zoo.


My zoo expenses are the reason I can’t afford a Grid right now.


Franklin Park Zoo in Boston protects Bongos! We couldn’t fit a visit in our schedule when we were there last month, but it felt great to breathe the same New England air as something this adorable (second to my partner, obv):