FS(US): 2hp OSC, quantum rainbow (v1)


at least sell some Buchla stuff if you are going to keep posting pictures of Bongos :slight_smile:


an optomix sale was the bongo that started it all — there was, at one point in this edit history, logic!


added Chase Bliss Gravitas to top post!


Chase Bliss got chased down. Count to 5 (2017, latest rev, etc) up for grabs up top.

(soap box: $305-$549 on Reverb??? this thing is newly released every 6-8 months. insane.)


dude you have to stop selling off your ct5s hahaha




[was selling an Arc, sold]


Gah, the dream…the dream…


Damnit, Dan. I wish I could afford this right now.


me, looking at everything. hence the sale, unfortunately. :frowning_man:


Is the Arc gone already?


it moved pretty quickly, yes.


:cry: 20 char of sadness


Don’t have a pic at the moment, but selling an Earthquaker Transmisser, nearly brand new. Box and everything. Weird, warbly warm sounds – priced to sell only due to immediate need.

$160 shipped!


bump and drop! wonderful lil box for atmosphere


splitting up my mangrove duo to explore some other avenues. rash, but otherwise wonderful. original box and scroll.

224 shipped


new stuff (includes US shipping, PP fees yr side). normal levels of rash, unless indicated:

Mutable Ears (like new): 87
Mutable Shades: 95
Monome Walk w/pedals: on hold
SSF Quantum Rainbow v1 (fair): 75
Erica Synths Pico Mod: 80
Pittsburgh Modular Outs v1 [later rev, no buzz] (fair): 50


pm’d! 2020202020202020202020


Hello, is the Walk still available?