FS(US): 2hp OSC, quantum rainbow (v1)




walk is on hold, sorry i didn’t update sooner!


new stuff up!

Mutable Rings: 260
Make Noise Telharmonic (like new, no rash): 280

old stuff still up, too!
SSF Quantum Rainbow v1 (fair): 70


Jeez, that Mangrove went quick!


just a change of heart. this is gonna be tough.


and adding op-1. deep breath, exhale.




oh yes the cycle ends/begins again


just gonna leave this here to lighten the mood


pic and drop, so y’all know i mean it:

perfect shape. 750 shipped.

i had the reverse of @laborcamp’s op-1 dream last night, so i think i’m ready.


Ha ha ha!
That is so funny!

Maybe I should buy it?
Then we can refer to it as a “dream sale”?

But seriously: good luck with your sale!


you worked some kinda magic, p.

op-1 sold. onward.


No one ever owns an op-1, they live with it. The op-1 chooses when it should leave or arrive through its dream language.


Part of me is glad my op-1 took a tumble onto the tiles, damaging it cosmetically enough to hurt it’s resale value but not affect it’s playability or use in any way. We’re blood brothers now


rings sold.

2hp OSC v.1 (little bit of rash): $100

old stuff still up! w/drops:
Make Noise Telharmonic (like new, no rash): 265
SSF Quantum Rainbow v1 (fair): 60


dan i’m gonna need to see some pics of whatever yr setup turns into after all this


Ditto (twenty characters)


he def isn’t switching to Reaktor since he just sold that to me


Thread title should now be “guess Dan’s rig”.


just ordered some custom rails, will update the curious when everything’s built!

in other news, someone take this module, please!

(edit: someone took this module, thank you!)