FS (US): Flux, DPO, uVCAii, MDLR 9u Studio Case $480 (total)


All modules cared for tenderly by me and have never been treated rough or been dropped, broken, etc. Some minor rack rash is all.

Prices include shipping and pay pal friends + family. Please add 3% for goods + services.

Make Noise DPO - $480
Noise Reap Flux - $50
Intellijel uVCA ii - $110

MDLR 9u 112HP Powered Studio Case - $480 shipping included LINES EXCLUSIVE DEAL

I got this case a year ago. It was originally the “funky orange” color that MDLR offers, but I painted it light pink (lines are pretty clean) with acrylic paint. If you wanted to remove this paint, it would come off easily with a damp sponge and a bit of scrubbing. The orange underneath is not paint but some kind of laminate on the plywood. I have gigged it a few times and it shows a little bit of wear from that, as well as rubber marks on the top from another case that was set there. Powered with 2x Meanwell RT 65B and has done very well for me in the year that I’ve been using it. It is 112 HP despite the website advertising 114… there was a wood cutting factory error when I ordered mine. Priced to sell… would be good for someone expanding but not wanting to spend $700+. Happy to answer any questions! Buyer pays shipping.



I can vouch that @stripes is trustworthy, as I sold to her on Muff’s. Welcome to the forum!


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preamps and disting are sold :sunny:


varigate sold. flux + echophon remain


added dpo, uvca, and mdlr case!!


Hello there, I am interested with the MDLR case.
I am based in LA, how much would be the shipping?




some price drops :slight_smile:


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case is now $480 shipping included for lines members! :open_mouth: