FS US: nothing right now


all sold for now

US shipping included, Paypal or Venmo is the way to go

Sold/No Longer Selling:
monome Earthsea
Makenoise STO
Makenoise Maths v2
monome Teletype + keyboard
Mannequins Three Sisters
Expert Sleepers ES-8
Intellijel uJack
Elite E416 Portable 12U Case
Makenoise LxD
monome Walk + 2 switches
4ms Shifting Inverting Signal Mangler (SISM)
2nd Makenoise Maths v2
Makenoise Erbe-Verb
Doepfer A-199 + Spring tank
Makenoise MMG
Bastl Cinnamon
Mutable Instruments Peaks
Bastl Skis (wood and magpie panels)
10 Stackcables
Bastl Quattro Figaro (wood panel)
4ms Dual Looping Delay
Qu-Bit Chance
Intellijel Dixie II
Mutable Instruments Elements
Makenoise Optomix v1
2nd Makenoise Optomix v1
Ornament and Crime (willzyx build)
TELEXi (brand new/unused, 2nd run)
Doepfer A-160/161 (v1, sold as set)
Doepfer A-188-2
XAOC Devices Bytom
Noise Engineering BIA
Verbos Scan & Pan


Interested in the teletype (assuming no issues)! I’m in the US, can paypal.


Elite 12U off hold and available again!


DLD available again, added lots and updated photos!


It makes me nervous how similar what you’re selling is to my current rack lol.


hehe i think it just means that we both have good taste in modules


Sisters sold, added Erbe-Verb and a couple trade interests


If you’re selling all this… what are you keeping?


i was recently lucky enough to pick up an isms system from another user here, with the intent of staying in modular while scaling down and encouraging integration of modular with other gear (organelle, guitars, etc).

everything in the above image is being kept, + others (scan and pan, tangle quartet, peaks, and more) that i can swap out depending on the music I’m prepping and on how i feel :slight_smile:

(plus i usually take my system out and about with me several times a week for various rehearsals and gigs, so I got tired of carrying the 12U around without owning a car, the isms/pelican case is much easier to handle because of the wheels)


elite case sold!! lots of really great modules still available :grinning:


new week new prices!


Might have to get that LxD from you once I get paid this week.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


LxD and walk sold, photo album updated


maths 2 and SISM are gone!


nice price drops on this day known for online discounts


@ellips_s is an excellent seller for anyone looking to buy. Definitly recommend!


Erbe verb gone! updated listing and added some different trade interests … a couple more modules to be added soon!


updated, further reducing my stash of swap modules / added some good ones


bundle of 10 stackables added, updated listings and pics