FS (US): Ornament & Crime


All prices include US shipping! Paypal or venmo!

Ornament and Crime - $210 (self built, black panel, soldering isn’t necessary the prettiest, but everything works great!)

$$ preferred, but would possibly be interested in trades for: 0-coast, plonk, earthsea, just friends (w/ fixed run jack), erbe-verb, instant lo-fi module, mangrove, disting mk4, optimix rev2



added sp-303! 20 characters of sampling goodness


303, radio music, and push sold!

price drops, + modules added, will add more later today!


diy clouds + cold mac added


cold mac sooooooooold!


clouds sold, price drops on modules, and added option to buy all panels/pcbs for $30!


would you ship the skis to the UK? will happily pay the shipping


Skis sold! 2hp Rnd, Intellijel Dixie II, and mikrophonie panel added


White Whale + Rnd sold!


updated sales, added Rene!


added ornament + crime!


rene sooooooooooold!