FS (US): Phonogene ($340)


The Gozinta and the Eko have sold. The price on the Phonogene (great shape, original knobs) has dropped. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 (in the U.S., that is — I don’t know if “lower 48” means anything anywhere else in the world). I will ship internationally (just sold the Eko to someone in Italy). Sent from San Francisco, California, where local pick-up is available.

Phonogene $340 (with current firmware)


And the ES-3 has sold, in less than 24 hours. I think that’s a record for me. And it means I now have to pony up for the ES-8. And that the day after I purchase the ES-8, the ES-8 mk2 will be announced.


Just added a handful of items to be sold.


Sold the Hikari Sine. Noted that and lowered some prices.


Sold the Pittsburgh oscillator.


And took the LS1 off the market, because my 7-year-old welled up when I said I was selling it.


Updated the entry with new stuff to swap out (Phonogene, Eko, Gozinta).


Oh, and added the Lofi Junky Pedal.


hey marc, i’ll take the lofi junky!


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Now with pictures of the objects in question. Note that the Phonogene has the original knobs, which may be of interest, or may be a turn-off.


Bumped for price drop.


Bumped 'cause I sold the Eko and dropped the price on ye olde Phonogene.