FTDI USB lockup - has anyone seen this before?


I have a late 2013 retina macbook running osx 10.11.
When I connect my diy 40h and arc4, they both work fine until I unplug them. From this moment, the usb port they were plugged into is out of service and won’t work with any usb device. Looking in the system report of my mac, I can still see them as FT245R devices, even though they are unplugged. When I plug the monome into another USB port, it works again (now there are two FT245R devices in the system report window). Once I unplug it, that second USB port is out of service as well with the same symptoms as the first.

Basically, once a USB port was used for a monome device and that device is unplugged, it zombie-fies that port and blocks it until I reboot.

I’m using the latest serialosc and the builtin FTDI driver. Should I try installing another FTDI driver on top? Seems like I had that installed at some point (I foudn the installer in my download directory) but I made sure all the relevant files are removed from ym system (according to forum posts on the web).
To me it sounds like an FTDI problem. I have an FT232 based USB-UART converter and that works without issues.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

I should add: I get the same effect on a USB3 hub. Unplugging and replugging the hub doesn’t solve the issue. e.g. If I plug the hub into port 1 on my computer and plug the monome into port 1 on my hub, this port will be locked up once I remove the monome. If I move the hub to port 2 on my computer, the same socket on the hub works again until it gets locked up by the monome. If I move the hub back to USB port 1 on the computer, the port 1 on the hub (which was locked up previously) is still locked up.
It seems like the driver that is bound to a device stays active and blocks that particular spot in the USB tree even if parts of the device tree are removed temporarily.